BOMBS Squared

Pax: Buckeye, Little Giant, Cubby, Judge Judy, Gump, Compost, Sparkle City, Harvey Updike, QIC Stones

Conditions: 56, dark, and beautiful

YHC’s second Q of the week and first Saturday post in a while.  Ate 4 large slices of little caesars last night and drank a couple Miller Lines…woke up feeling like I had a brick in my stomach.  Time to get to work.

Warm up

SSH x 25 IC

TTH x 25 IC

Arm circles x 15 IC each way

Mosey to Dubois shelter

The thang:

11’s w dips and derkins

mosey to the corner of Boundary & Lawrence

BOMBS Squared (Burpees, Overhead Press, Merkins, Baby crunches, Squats)

Starting at Boundary & Lawrence

10 Burpees, mosey to corner of Boundary and Lawton

20 Burpees, mosey to corner of Lawton and Calhoun

30 burpees, mosey to corner of Calhoun and Lawrence

40 burps, mosey back to starting point.

Rinse and repeat for all other exercises.

Plank in between exercise sets.  #nomanleftbehind

Total numbers:

100 burpees

100 overhead press

100 Merkin

100 baby crunches

100 squats

Mosey back to AO straight to basketball court

1 round of suicides

1 round of air chairs.

Mosey to flag


Pax called out various pointless exercises focused on abs.



Cubby’s friend suffering from terminal cancer.  Judge Judy unspoken.


Great to get back in to the Saturday morning gloom. YHC has been absent on Saturday mornings for quite some time.  This morning was a pleasant reminder of how awesome Saturday mornings are with the F3 Lowcountry pax.  Guards are down, people aren’t in a rush, and the chatter is excellent.  This workout looked easier on paper.  Good push by all. Little Giant brought his A game today and challenged Judy and Harvey between the corners.  It was fun to watch.

YHC is thankful to have powered through the little caesars induced stomach pain.  The old Stones would’ve texted someone else in hopes of them taking the Q….gone are the days of excuses and fartsacking for Stones.  I made a commitment at the first of the year to be consistent with posting at least Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  The results have been amazing and I am seeing my run times improve big time.  I ask that you hold me accountable if you see me starting to fall off.  Accountability is what makes our group successful and I encourage all of you to reach out to a pax that you have not seen before.  See y’all Monday.

Stones out


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