PI Day Q

PAX:  Hard Hat, Stones, Swanson, Spaulding, Chumbucket, Compost, Dabo, TP, Ballcock, Big Spur, Animal, Judy, Harvey, Peaches (QIC)

Conditions: 48 and Calm

Disclaimer: Push yourself, Push the man next to you, (Dabo arrives late with Flag)

Warm Up:

SSH x 25 IC

TTT x 15 IC

AC x 15 IC (Both ways)

IPW x 15 IC

Lets Mosey to Parking Lot, Partner up for a “Catch me if you can” run to the COTC.  Partner A starts running, Partner B does 5 Burpees and catches Partner A where he drops and does Burpees all the way to COTC.  Plank for the Six.

5 Burpees mosey to Bridge Street

5 Burpees mosey to Green Street

5 Burpees mosey to Lawrence Street

5 Burpees mosey to Park


DORA 1-2-3-4

With a partner perform the following cumulative number of exercises

Pull ups x 60 Partner A does 10 pull ups Partner B assists then both make a lap around Park

Derkins x 100 Partner A does Derkins while Partner B makes lap around Park

Dip x 200 Partner A does Dips while Partner B makes lap around Park

Squats x 300 Partner A does Squats while Partner B makes lap around Park

Help Six (YHC) finish Squats then mosey to Lawrence Street

5 Burpees Mosey to Green Street

5 Burpees Mosey to Bridge Street

Long line Indian run back to Flag


Flutters x 50 IC

Dirty Dogs x 15 IC (Both Legs)



-Sell Signs, still way short of Goal

-2nd F Happy Hour on Island Thursday Night

-Family Pasta Dinner for all F3 Lowcountry Wednesday 03.21.18 Oyster Factory Park.  Let Judge Judy know if your coming

-2nd F Lunch Tuesday 03.20.18 Amigos Bluffton (I missed spoke during Q)


All unspoken


-There must of been some kind of #bromance started Monday because that’s all Judy, Dabo and Swanson talked about…

-Green street is still not a street, tried before hated it, was accused of being bias, tried again still hate it.  Get some asphalt and a sign and we will talk.

-TP confessed to me his secret love for running, I know some guys, Ill get yall set up.

-Today is PI Day (03.14) and this Q had no relation.  Urkel, I sincerely apologize

-Numbers at the MOB have fallen in past couple months and YHC has been called out more times than I’m proud of for #fartsacking.  We ran by Saturday at 6:40 and no one was there,  I should have posted and ran later or on Sunday.  What if an FNG who needed this showed up at 630?  After the P200 I plan to be at MOB for all post to help get the numbers back up again and hope that others do the same.

Always a pleasure to Lead, Peaches out!


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