Yacht Club…Monkey Spartan

Conditions: 56 degrees,  humidity medium, wind light, shirts…tight.

Pax:   ChumBucket, Cookies, Meat Gazer, Hard Hat, Spalding,  Falco, spaghettiO, Pluto, Monkey 🐒 Humper, Shingles QIC

Not Present: Pesci, JV, GoDaddy, Smog, Squid, NaeNae, LazyBoy, Narco, Bartman, Ambien, Big Al…AKA Patches due to an unfortunate trampoline dodge ball incident, etc.


  1.  5 Side Strattle Hops IC
  2. Howling Monkeys, 2 rounds plus 10 all together
  3. 30 Side Straddle Hops IC
  4.  Lieutenant Dans for 11 and 44
  5. 50 Overhead Claps IC…to remove the blood from our legs


   1.  Q is under pressure to ensure a fulfilling workout without hurting himself or other P200 Pax participants.  So we do the SPARTAN.

2.  Pax stay together and run 3/4 speed, modify instead of sprint, to the pavilion the long way.

3.  10 merkins single count on Q then mosey back.

4.  Goal is to complete 30 for a total of 30 times 10 merkins for 300…hence the name #SPARTAN.

5.  Halfway through Father Time, SpaghettiO, informs the Q we are never going finish on time so the Q shortens the run slightly.

6.  Mumble chatter continues as apparently “Time is of the Essence” is written in the contract somewhere, so the Q calls an audible and we decide to finish our 300 merkins—we Must do Merkins on both ends of the field.

7.  With changes made we do finish our Spartan in time for some Mary.



On your 6.

10 Hello Dolly…or Mary IC

75 Flutters…the right way…IC. Crowd Pleaser

50 LBC on Q single count




As the P200 countdown is on we have to be careful and mindful of our training.  This is by far the biggest event I’ve ever tried to conquer so I’m trying to nurse my calfs and knee as much as possible.  Physical Therapy has played a Huge roll as I could barely participate last week.

I’m amazed and humbled as I’ve watched my own progress and the willingness of some newer guys to push their own limits.  I can say that Falco, Monkey Humper, and Pluto are doing Much better than I was in my first days and weeks.

I can only assume that Bartman’s beard held him hostage this morning…or maybe all the guys that weren’t there were running the bridge without us…hmmmm   Pluto had to leave a little early for “Work” but he does get an “Honorable Mention” as he did do 2/3 of the SPARTAN.  Interesting  how bootcamp workouts refresh ones memory….

Prayers for Spaulding neighbor and unspoken prayers Pax, their families, and for the safety of the P200 participants.

Picture time!


Coffee after at Starbucks for second F compliments of CERTAINTEED Roofing products.


Disclaimer: This backblast is done to the best of my recollection.  I’m sure there are some mistakes and  inconsistencies.



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