Marge got her string of pearls…

When: 03/01/2018

QIC: Ball Cock

The PAX: Moped, Mr. Clean, Yo-Yo Ma, Joker, Big Spur, Urkel, Big Perm, Handy Manny, Coach K, and Ball Cock (QIC).


10 PAX decided to start the month of March right by taking their DRP-quest for Marge’s new string of pearls at the Buck.


Conditions: 67 Degrees, full moon and star filled skies! Perfect.


Disclaimer: YHC is not a professional, exercise at your own risk!




Circled up at the Shovel Flag for the following:


SSH x 30 IC


Tempo Merkins x 20 IC




Mountain Climbers X 25 IC





Mosey to the wall at the front of the school.


50 Dips; 50 incline merkins


Mosey to the bus drop-off and pair up


Catch me if you can around the bus loop.


Mosey to the tennis courts


Crab walk to between the courts; 25 merkins


Bear Crawl to the opposite side of the tennis courts; 25 BB sit ups


Bear Crawl back to between the courts; 25 merkins


Crab walk back to the start and plank for the six


Zombie walk to between the courts- 25 squats


Lunge walk to the opposite side of the tennis courts- 25 plank jacks


Lunch walk to back to between the courts; 25 squats


Zombie walk to the start and plank for the six


Mosey to the bus drop off for wall sits; each PAX LBCs X15 in order; all wall sit until we reach the end of the line


Long mosey back to the PAD.


3 MOM:


Flutter kicks X40 IC


Back scratchers until 0600.








Sell your signs for the P200


Pray for Crop Duster’s ankle.


RUN if you’re running the P200, especially if you’re on team Gun Runners.


Don’t forget about the 0515 Saturday workout at the Buck; it’s a great early opportunity if 0630 at the MOB is too late (you have time to post at both the Buck and MOB). No excuses for those with kids in sports on Saturday morning anymore.


Prayers of thanksgiving for Urkel’s Father-in-law/Yo-Yo Ma’s Grandfather for his health improvement.





Handy Manny and Moped killed it on the runs today.


Coach K is a beast.


Joker loves crab walks.


Keep EHing those that haven’t posted in a while. As always, it was a pleasure to lead you all this morning! Qing is so rewarding; I challenge YOU to step up and Q if you haven’t done it in a while (Or VQ if you have never done it).


Ball Cock…Audi 5000!

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