Good Monday Morning I

Conditions – 62 degrees – fair – with an generally good attitude in the air

PAX – Crack, Cocky, Grape Juice, Danielson, EEEEEE!!!!, Conroy (Q), Baby Shoes, Cardiac, Blindside, TNT (Irmo)

Warmup all In Cadence 4ct

SSH – x24

TTT x 12

Body Builder Burpees with rotating cadence x 10

IW x 24

Low Little Baby Arm Circles (l-LBAC) in down squat position with six hovering above ground x 10 front x 10 back x 10 raise roof x 10 overhead clap. (many PAX grumbled about difficulty getting up from this position) mumble chatter at full strength

Mosey to Flag Green

Thang –

Ascending Ring of Fire – 1 – 10 Merkins and clap Merkins if possible -EEEEEE!!!! really shined here with 10 clapping Merkins during last revolution

recover – Mosey / sprint to circular end of the park – then partner up – for sprint, walk, jog sprint at each lamp post to the other end in pairs. Alternate sprint/walk back at every lamp post. high knees, side step, backwards run, sprint, high knees, sprint to the amphitheater –

11s – 10 Derkins, bearcrawl to other side, 1 box jump, bearcrawl back 9Derks, bcrawl back, 2 box sumps and so on until 1 Derkin and 10 box jumps. Audible called at about 7 derkins that the bearcrawl portion could be cut in half to 1 bearcrawl leg per revolution(bearcrawl there and sprint back). EEEEEE!!!! overachieved again and was fastest through by a long shot. TNT and Baby shoes and EEEEEE!!!! kept the bearcrawl both ways and TNT offered some much needed verbal encouragement throughout. Most almost completed 11 before time ran out.

mosey and sprint back to anchor.

COT – gratefulness expressed for Trinity school and the work being done there. will begin planning kids Saturday workout for group at regular interval ( 1st or 2nd Saturday of the month) Prayer –

Moleskin – EEEEEE!!!! is quietly outperforming most in AO and needs competition. TNT was a welcomed edition and guest – come back soon. Baby Shoes was solid as always as was Cocky. Blindside and Danielson continue to improve with consistent hard work. Awesome to see them out there working together with 44 year age gap between them! Thanks to all who came out this morning and pushed each other – I am continually humbled by the great spirit in this group –






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