The Big Tuna

15 pax made the tough decision to take their DRP and join me in the gloom. YHC only saw one pax (Floride) that brought a cooler.  Shame on you.

Conditions: 68 degrees

Pax: Judge Judy, Shingles, Peaches, Gambit, Dabo, Meat Gazer, Chumbucket, Spaulding, Swanson, Ray, Floride, Dwight, Big Spur, TP, QIC Stones


SSH x 30 IC

TTH x 15 IC

Mosey to the corner of Lawrence / Calhoun

The thang:

Burpee Mile

4 0.25 laps around the block.

12 burpees after each lap

Mosey to the corner of Bridge / Calhoun

Feet on the weird shaped curb looking thing.

Merkins x 24 IC

Partner up

Catch me if you can around the block

long stretches are running with squats

short-ish stretches are lunge walking with squats

End back at corner of Bridge /Lawrence

Feet on the weird shaped curb looking thing.

Merkins x 24 IC

Mosey back to bball court for Mary


Flutters x 24 IC

Freddie Mercury x 24 IC

American Hammers x 24 IC #getyourfeetup

Plank to finish


Prayer requests:

Prayers for all of our F3 brothers that are going through rough times.


Lunge walking 1/8 mile is not fun.

Lunge walking during Catch me if you can does not work.  #sorrynotsorry

T-claps to Swanson for the sprint at the end.  You are getting better…keep up the good work.

Gambit is slowly getting his mojo back with the chatter.

The yacht club boys show up to the #MOB…maybe we should show up to the yacht club.

Qing is a lot of fun.  If you haven’t done it, you should.  If you aren’t comfortable Qing by yourself, ask someone to Co-Q.

Thanks to Shingles aka Big Tuna for the tuna.

I should have brought a cooler for my tuna…

Stones out!



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