Plate Run through History

Conditions –  wet ground but nice 61 degrees

Pax – 8 – Baby Shoes, Otter, Cocky, Boomer Sooner, Putin, EEEEEE!!!!, Crack, Conroy (Q)

Warm UP all IC!

SSH x 50

TTT x 20

IW x 30

Continuous Airchair through little baby Arm Circles x 10 fwd x 10 bud x 10 raise roof x 10 overhead clap

Mumble chatter is at a high level and Mosey ensues after every PAX picks up a 10 or 8.8 or 2 – 5 lb plates.

Mosey to St Elena Museum (former courthouse) military press while running for one  block and then hold plate overhead during mosey for another.


Ring of Fire – All Pax circle up – 10 descending Merkins. Q does 10 then pax to right does 10 and so on until back to Q then 9 all the way down to 1. All Pax plank while waiting on their turn to crank out Merkins (push ups)

Partner up – 1 partner does military presses x20 while other does mountain climbers. – flap jack.

Dr. W – 7 count in cadence x 15. This was a real crowd pleaser. Finished with a count off then mosey to space between St Helena and first presbyterian – looked for space to do Balls 2 wall but felt like St Helena Anglican wall was too dangerous. Then Q introduced a new excercise –

Dip and sit – partner up – one on six with knees up. Partner faces away with hands on  partners knees for dips x 20 while other does sit-ups x20. This was a little much for some pax as personal space barrier was breached – then flapjack. All commented that they though that the sit-up portion with partner doing dips on knees would be harder than it was.

Mosey to wall around St Helena Anglican cemetery. We all reflected on gratefulness of making every second count while we were not in the grave. All pax were instructed to put feet on top of 4 ft wall and hold plank for 20 seconds and then all count out the last 10 seconds together – some opted to perform Derkins at that time. Then all got on 6 for leg raise to flutter kicks x 30 sec. then Derkin plank for 30 then Hello Dollys x 20 IC then Derkin Plank with 10 Derkins OYO. Pick up plate and mosey to The GEORGE – (Washington St. Park)

4 corners at park – 20 x pull-up / reverse pushup then run to hop over balance beam, then dips, then 30 lb tricep overhead press from bench. – then 15, then 10.

Time running out – Black mamba to Anchor – .6 miles.

Jailbreak last 50 yards

COT – Hunting Island Biathlon discussed, q sign up covered for next week – Conroy on Monday, EEEEEE!!!! For Wednesday and Cocky for Friday, Boomer Sooner for Saturday – Shout out to Dinkins family and Bowers family – prayer of gratefulness – Coffeeteria –

Great time had by all this morning – bit of a smoke fest –




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