Chest Day

When: 02/08/18

QIC: Michael Bolton

The PAX: Urkel, coach k, Big Perm, Joker, Big Spur, Stubbs, DooDoo, Soulfinger, Michael Bolton (QIC)

Conditions: didn’t take notice, but it was nice and the ground was wet.

No one new, you know the drill, don’t hurt yourself (or me).

IC (unless otherwise stated)
– SSH x30
– TTT x20
– LBAC x15 fwd/rev
– Air Presses

– Split the partners half go to pull-up bars half stay on the pad.
group 1 perform:
– Lt. dans (but for the arms) – 1 pull-up / 5 merkins
– Keeping the 1:5 ratio up to 5 and 25

Merkin total: 75

Group 2 Perform:
– Squerkins x10 then flap-jack x10.
– Keep flap jacking until group 1 is complete.

– 8 rounds

Merkin total: 80

Mosey the large parking lot loop to the #michaelBolton parking lot or #thecage

The Thang:
– v-ups / merkins
– Bear Crawl / crawl-bears

Merkin Total: 55

– Move to #theGrassyKnoll

– quick 10 count

– Burp & Merk 1 to 10 then back down – ICish
– Burpee with 1 Merkin. Then down for a 2nd burpee with 2 merkins.
– Pyramid up to 5 merkins if your a girl or 10 if your a man, pyramid all the way back down to one if your an F3 Man!! Hooah!

Merkin total: 110

– quick 10 count

Mosey the large loop back to the #padOfPain

4.5 MOM
– High / Low Plank
– Flutters x40
– superman/spiderman x30sec


total Merkin count: 320

– run day tomorrow at theRake
– Sell those sign sponsorships
– Michael Bolton is moving and we’ll need a new AO Q

– All unspoken

– DooDoo and Soul finger we having to much fun with Squerkins for anyones liking.
– Coach K thinks with large knee tatoo are the next big thing.
– Joker was not disappointed when we stopped at the handicapped lot
– urkel looked to be in rough shape and joker may or may not have been rooting for merlot, which almost happened.
– PAX like when you keep them guessing on where the rep count ends.
– DooDoo was pumped this morning pushing the pace on all exercises.
– Burp and Merk up to 10 then back down was well received, but when we doubled down on the 10, that was the real crowd pleaser.
– Nice job stubbs pushing through the end on the final run back to #thePadOfPain.

As always it was a pleasure

Michael Bolton Out #ISI

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