Modified Murph

YHC has been running more lately vs. upper body, so what better way to change that than offer a Reverse Judge Judy Q.


Animal, Gambit, Ray, Chumbucket, Bartman (Respect), Stones, Swanson, Judge Judy, Ballcock, Flowride, Peaches (QIC)


44 Degrees, no wind

Disclaimer: Work at your own risk……

Warm Up:

TTT x 15 IC

AC x 12 (Both ways) IC

Count off into 3 un-equal groups.

Run mile loop around Bridge, Boundary, Bruin back to Prichard, circle for the six back then to the flag.


Modified Murph

Individually count, but perform as a group the following exercises, Split into sets as needed.

100 Burpees

200 Merkins

300 Squats

Groups split into 10 equal sets of 10, 20, 30, with a lap around the track half way.

Another lap at the end for 1.98 Miles total.





-Franklin Tenn. AO is active per Animal, they are stronger than us though.

-Sign up for Pork butt cook off and sell Butts

-2nd F HH at Cheap Seats Tavern tomorrow @ 5pm (Gambit recommends sidearm, Peaches notes they offer tallboy Natty) #optimism


-All unspoken


-Not much mumble chatter today

-No PAX was able to Modify the Merkins today without being scorned by Judge Judy. (insert Gambit “Shame” GIF)

-Flowride needs some WD-40 for his squeaking thigh

-Stones text after asking about Mary?  Thought he said it was pointless?

-Here is a link about Michael Murphy and the Murph Challenge. The original workout uses pull up vs Burpees and a 20lbs weight vest.



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