Didn’t see that coming …

YHC took this Q earlier in the week after noting the spot was open. After a long day with several Hickses feeling ill, I almost forgot. Bolton reminded me of it last night and started my brain going.

PAX: Moped, Yo-Yo Ma, Madoff, Mr. Clean, Dwight, Coach K, Urkel (QIC)

Conditions: Phone and watch say 25 degrees with 17 degree wind chill

Disclaimer: You know the drill


  • SSH IC x 25
  • TTT IC x 20
  • IW IC x 25

The Thang

  • Head out to the parking lot
  • Mosey to the Tennis Courts – 1st pearl
    • Every time you pass a light pole on the right stop and do 3 burpees
    • 30 Burpees completed
  • “Four Corners” – 2nd pearl
    • 20 Squats in near and far corner
    • Lunge Walk the baselines
    • 18 merkins in the in-between corners
    • Bear Crawl the sidelines
    • finish with 20 squats
  • Move to the picnic tables – 3rd pearl
    • 30 dips
    • 15 step ups each leg on the concrete edges
    • rinse and repeat
  • Indian Run to the flagpole
  • 4th pearl
    • 15 derkins on the wall
    • run upstairs and round to the flagpole
    • 5 burpees at the flagpole
    • back to the wall
    • repeat until Q calls end
    • 5 or 6 repetitions completed
  • Mosey back to the pad
  • 7’s on the pad – 5th pearl
    • 1 merkin – mosey to other side – 6 BBSU – mosey back
    • 2 merkins – mosey to other side – 5 BBSU – mosey back
    • 3 merkins – mosey to other side – 4 BBSU – mosey back
    • 4 merkins – mosey to other side – 3 BBSU – mosey back
    • 5 merkins – mosey to other side – 2 BBSU – mosey back
    • 6 merkins – mosey to other side – 1 BBSU – mosey back
    • finish with somebody


  • Q calls the first exercise – all other PAX follow with their choice
  • Urkel (QIC) – Flutters IC x 25
  • Coach K – American Hammers IC x 25
  • Moped (nothing came to him so Coach K helped) – Backscratchers IC x 25
  • Mr. Clean – Nolan Ryan’s 20 each arm
  • Madoff – Mountain Climbers IC x 15
  • Yo-Yo Ma – 10 Burpees OYO – (He was already on his feet and smiling when his turn came)(That’s my boy!)
  • Dwight – 25 LBC’s
  • time


  • Pork Butt Sale coming up – sell sell sell
  • Swanson has a sign-up sheet for all PAX to check out (I added it to the Pork Butt page of the Q sheet)


  • Praise that Yo-Yo’s sister has been cleared to resume all normal activities



  • I was expecting it to be much colder today, we were spared the bitter wind chill.
  • I was hanging on to Backscratchers for Yo-Yo Ma. I got worried when Moped needed them. I thought that Yo-Yo was going to be too shy to throw out an idea. I was WRONG. This group has done wonders for him and all of us. No hesitation.
  • Great push by the PAX this morning, I used to be faster than some of these guys. I better step it up.
  • The PAX at #theBuck seem to be unable to handle the cold #manup #layerup #numbersup
  • Glad to have gotten in a Q in 2018. The 2.0’s have kept me away more than normal this month, but I am still going for 218 in 2018.
  • Sign up to Q!

Urkel Out!

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