Running Elevens

19 PAX. Blue Jeans, Animal, Gambit, Gump, Joker, Dabo, Chumbucket, Bartman, Big Perm, Kiffin, Stones, Ball Cock, Ray, Dwight, Peaches, Swanson, Scissor Hands, Squealer, YHC




SSH IC x 20

TTT IC x 20

AC IC x 25

The Thang/Run

11s 1 burpee run .23 mile 10 Starbursts…10 burpees run .23 mile 1 Starburst (cut short due to time). Total mileage ~ 3.5 – 4 miles.



Thank you to Swanson for taking on the F3 Lowcountry Pork Butt Fundraiser. Circulate the flyer to your friends, family, businesses, etc. Don’t have the flyer? see FB, Stamps, Swanson, YHC, or many other PAX and they will get it to you. Stones will be sending out an email as well.  If you haven’t ordered one yourself, do it. You will be glad you did. They were a big hit last year.

Pork Butts are 35/each.

Swanson needs your help. Be prepared to pick up a shift to assist with smoking the butts. See Swanson and ask him how you can help. Peaches and Cubby will work 10-12 shifts each, but this is still a group effort.

Prayer Requests: Thankful for the successful kickoff of the BBQ fundraiser. Thankful for Swanson for taking the lead. HIM


  1. The pork butts are $35.00/each.
  2. The pork butts do not come with buns, so don’t ask.
  3. Squealer, Dabo, Gump and Peaches with the EC run before the run. Well done.
  4. Peaches may have an over exercise problem.
  5. Bartman did not come to play today. Killed it.
  6. Chumbucket was attacked by a ninja root in the road. After a graceful roll, he was back at it without complaint.
  7. Traffic was much heavier than expected. Sorry.
  8. Mumblechatter was great today.
  9. There was no mumblechatter today.

Always a pleasure,

Judge Judy


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