Merkee Burpee bridge run – out for blood

Conditions – 36 and clear – a slight breeze – seems a bit warmer than the last few workouts this year.

PAX: Big Easy, Crack, Sunshine, Mr. Roboto, Eeeeeeeeeee!, Otter, Conroy (QIC)

Mood – Positive, clear and sharp.


SSH X 24

TTT X 20

IW X 24

Airchair Arm Circles X10 fwd x10 bud, Raise roof x 10 and overhead claps x10

Fast mosey to Bridge


Clock-wise Curb Merkins -IC x 25  (1 merkin or pushup with hands on curb – rotate to right – 1 merkins with left hand and foot on curb and others on pavement, then rotate to right – 1 merkins with both feet on curb with both hands on pavement, then rotate to right – 1 merkins with right hand and foot on curb, then rotate back to original position repeat  in cadence until 25 merkins complete) – fan favorite – got better than expected on this one

Merkin, Burpin, Bridge run – run to top of Woods bridge – 25 patty cake Merkins with the next man to run up, run down and at bottom do 5 Burpees run to first sign – 5 Burpees, run to second sign – 5 Burpees, run back to 1st sign – 5 Burpees, run back to foot of the bridge – 5 Burpees for a total of 25 Lady’s Island Burpees – all Pax perform squats while waiting on 6, run back to top of Woods Bridge – 25 Merkins at the top OYO – Squats while waiting on 6, run to bottom of bridge.

Descending Curb crawl – x7 OYO – (pax line up with feet on curb and hands on the pavement and do one push-up or Derkin – Bear crawl to other side of the road, 6 Derkins, Bearcrawl back and 5 Derkins and so on until out of Derkins.

Ascending speed mosey back to Large Green Area in the park –

MOM – 30 flutter kicks 4ct In Cadence, 30 LBCs (Little Baby Crunches)  IC by Crack, 30 American Hammer (Russian twist) IC by Big Easy

mosey to Anchor (starting point) since no shovel flag as noted below.

3 minutes left and Big Easy wants some more –

15 tempo merkins, 10 second rest, 10 tempo merkins, and 5 tempo merkins IC.

COT – Big easy announced f3 Lowcountry Boston Butt sale and openings on palmetto 200. Prayer request for Pat Dennis and family. Shortage of Blood this month at ONE BLOOD – request that all pax visit when then can – schedule at the end of this post. Side benefit – 1 donation weighs a pound – side benefit will be loss of said pound albeit temporary. 

Moleskin: I noted at the outset that there was not as good of a turnout as expected and was met with verbal abuse by the brave and strong PAX who did make the choice to roll out of their fart sack and post. Leadership lapse noted and corrrected. Also noted that the shovel flag was missing and that man who possessed it was also absent. Where was Grape Juice? Missed his crazy rhythmic SSH and IW tempo.

Otter performed perfect OYO Merkins at the top of the bridge – detail was impressive. Big Easy outperformed all PAX on descending curb crawl – he seems to excel at all things bear crawl related. Sunshine posted for his first sub 40 degree workout … continuing his pursuit of excellence.

One Blood next to Papaya on Boundary St hours of operation – low on blood

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