A Modified Modified Murph

When: 01/11/18

QIC: Michael Bolton

The PAX: Coack K, Ballcock, Ray, Mr clean, Moped, Big Perm, compost, big Spur, Joker, Michael Bolton(QIC)

Conditions: 60 and rainy.

YHC had a plan for this morning (a modified Murph 100,200,300), then YHC realized @ 0430 that he needed to alter it a little to minimize the running. So YHC came prepared with a deck of cards, and another minimal running that kept us on #thePadOfPain the whole time. After altering the warm-up YHC decided to do a modified modified Murph, decrease the running and decrease the reps. This was a real crowd pleaser.

I am neither trained nor a professional, workout at your own risk and your own benefit; please modify where needed. You’ll be challenged to push yourself beyond your limits by the man standing next to you, you are encouraged to do the same.

IC (unless otherwise stated)
– SSH x30
– Hand Release Burpee x 10 OYO
– arm circles x15 fwd/rev
– Hand Release Burpee x 8 OYO
– TTT x15
– Hand Release Burpee x 6 OYO
– Imperial Walkers x20
– Hand Release Burpee x 4 OYO
– Alt.Shoulder Taps x30
– Hand Release Burpee x10 OYO

SURPRISE! we count down to 4 then jump back up to 10. PAX KILLED IT!

Let’s Mosey .25 loop

The Thang:
Back at the pull-up bars.

Partner up

– Pull-ups: 100 combined total, partner assistance, or hang 4 count is 1 rep
– Plank for the 6
– Mosey recover loop (.25 mile)

– Merkins: 100 combined total, P1 does merkins, P2 holds plank w/legs on P1 back.
– Plank for the 6
– Mosey recover loop (.25 mile)

– Wheel Barrel Squats: 100 combined, P1 squats while holding planking P2 legs in hands.
– plank for the 6
– Mosey recover loop (.25 mile)

– back scratchers IC x40
– superman x45sec


– 2ndF Lunch 1200 Bridge Center Jalapenos
– Pork butt sales ramping up, get ready.
– run day tomorrow #theRake be there.

– Big Spur’s friends son

-Mumble chatter ensued about what constitutes a hang, Hi low how long, next time no modifications allowed.

– Hand release merkins > hand release burpees (don’t trick the PAX)
– some mumble chatter when YHC said we’d be laying down in the puddles on #thePadOfPain for hand-release burpees.
– Mumble chatter when 100 pull-ups to split between partners was announced. Many thought they’d wouldn’t finish, many were wrong. Great work.
– YHC has developed a little bit of a reputation when it comes to #theCage or #boltonsSectionOfTheParkingLot, lots of sighs of releif each time we passed that section. None, louder than jokers though.
– moped was pushing the pace this morning. Great work!

Michael Bolton Out

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