Febreze on the Field

PAX:  Peaches, Urkle, Swanson, Chumbucket, Animal, Stones, 12 Gauge, Dabo, Judge Judy, Gambit, Cubby, Squid, Boomer Sooner, Diapers, Squealer (QIC).


Conditions:  54, clear skies, 89% humidity, nice lowcountry winter morn


Disclaimer:  YHC is not a trained professional, work out at your own risk and push yourself.


Warm Up:

SSH x 30 IC

Febreze:  2 BBSU, on the 2nd hold up position and lift legs 6″ off ground, 10 overhead presses.  Increase each round, 4:20, 6:30, 8:40, 10:50

Indian Bear Crawl (mumble chatter about lack of warm up)



Mosey to COTC

Line up with feet along wall, do Mike Tyson (horizontal squat, extend, down merkin, up merkin) 4ct IC x 20

Mosey to corner of Lawton & Calhoun

Audible:  originally had Booyah Merkins lined up, YHC’s shoulders were on fire at this point, switched the workout with the next inline:  Dan Taylor

Numb Leg Mosey to Nickel Pumpers

BOOYAH! Merkins (merkin in cadence with a partner head to head, reach across and touch partner’s shoulder on up, yelling BOOYAH!)

Mosey to Flag


3 MOM:

Flutters IC x 25



Iron Man









P200 coming up in just over 2 months.  If you’re not already training, start now.

Pork Butt sale coming up the weekend of the Super Bowl.  Swanson will be spearheading the sale.  Looking to cook 300 butts this year.  Need cookers, people, etc.  All hands on deck!



Continue to lift up Urkle’s daughter in your prayers.  She’s healing very well and will likely be able to avoid further surgery.  Praise be to God!



At every stop along the run, Chumbucket doubled back for the 6.  That’s what this is all about.  Well done, Chum.

Diapers loves burpees.  He requested one at the end.  Swanson does not love burpees.  He threatened me with a boxcutter if I chose to throw any in the Q.

BOOYAH! Merkins were not the hit I figured.  Apparently no one else appreciates the word Booyah the way I do.  I think I was the only one saying BOOYAH!.

Dan Taylor is one of my favorite exercises because of all of the Mumble Chatter that goes along with it.  Thanks for making it interesting.

A new rule was introduced during the Dan Taylor.  If anyone is seen wearing F3 gear in public but has not posted that week, they will be subjected to some good old college style hazing.  Squid is taking the first watch.


Always a pleasure to lead,


Squealer out!

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