Pre-Winter Storm Workout

Pax: Dabo, Bartman, Blue Jeans, Dwight, Diapers, Joker, Chumbucket, Buckeye, Judge Judy, Gambit, Urkel, Peaches, Kiffin, QIC Stones

Conditions: 30 degrees, windy, a couple sprinkles

No warm up, let’s get to work.

The Thang:

Mosey our regular 3 mile loop.  Every turn the pax is to complete 10 merkins, 10 BBSU, and 10 Squats.  Right hand turns add 10 Burpees.  The more mumble chatter the better.

Total numbers:

2.5ish miles

100 merkins

100 LBC

100 Squats

50 Burpees

1 cheesy joke about doing burpees at 24 of 6.  #sorrynotsorry


Flutters x 26 IC #gococks

American Hammers x 19 IC #goblue

Backscratchers x 24 IC #rolltide

Burpees x 6 OYO #upstate

LBC x 37 OYO #ucf

Announcements: CSAUP this Saturday

Unspoken prayers.  Prayers that Dwight recovers from injury.  Prayers for Gatorbait starting his new job.


Good work by all this morning!  YHC fell in to a bit of a slump with F3 in 2017.  For whatever reason, I had a hard time posting consistently and contributing as a member of this group.  I am making a commitment to post consistently in 2018.  Please hold me accountable.  As always, I am thankful for this group.  I never regret posting but always regret not showing up.   #isi

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