Q School Phase I


16 PAX gathered in the Gloom for a post-Christmas Q school, whether they knew it or not.

Chumbucket, Postal, Shingles, YoYoMa, Urkel, Narco, Hardhat, Spaghetti-O, Spalding, Meatgazer, Cubbie, Cookies, Spiccoli, Peaches, Dabo, JV

It’s always a good time to introduce some Q schoolin’ and F3 basics at a relatively young AO.  The PAX count has been growing at the Yacht Club and the Men are much quicker to get in the Q rotation than many others.

We started out with a very basic Squat, Merkin, Flutter warm up.  10/10/50 IC then moseyed out for a short pearls on a string.  During the warm-up we talked about core principles, the mission statement and some general F3 knowledge and origin.

1st stop was just about .3 of a mile away.  We knocked out some Mary 1 minute each of Big Boys/Hello Dollies/In&Outs/Flutter Kicks.  Here we got into the 1st F, minus the cadence.  How to plan a Q, what needs to happen before, during and after.  Looking out for the six, monitoring time and engaging the PAX.

Next we moseyed to our small dirt mound.  To call it a hill would be a bit insulting to our more mountainous regions, but you work with what you have.

There we did a Jacob’s Ladder.  1 Burpee, Lunge up the “Hill”, 2 Burpees, Sprint down, 3 Burpees…to 10 Burpees

Then we moseyed around the corner for some 11’s.  Dips and Derkins were on the menu here.   We got into a little 2nd F here.  Talked about the Sifter and our types of friends.  2nd F events and how important these small gatherings can be.

Next we moseyed to the SF for some 3rd F discussion.  Then a COT and a wrap.

All the points were broad and brief strokes to get the PAX introduced.  We’ll continue these in several Phases and introduce one specifically focused on the actual cadence and commands.

Prayers for Spalding’s father in law and wife, Spaghetti-O’s Dad and Urkel’s daughter.


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