No plan? there’s always pearls on a string

After running out of many excuses for limiting my posts in the Gloom, YHC took the Q for a post Christmas jumpstart. Little did YHC know, he would be auditioning for “Dad of the Year” by giving his 2.0 and 2.1 a puppy for Christmas otherwise known as having a new born. today was one of those days I was happy to have taken the Q. Would have been extremely easy to come up with an excuse to #fartsack. Probably could have used one of the same excuses everyone other than the 13 that showed used. Groggy and dreading the cold we circled around the VSF until Ballcock saved the day and planted #theBuck flag about 6 burpees in. Below is what happened next (at least what I can remember of it)…

Conditions: low 40s not horrible

Disclaimer: workout at your own risk

Warm-up: 15 burpees OYO, mosey 1 lap (0.3 mi), SSH x 30, TTT x 10 (slow), double merkin burpee x 5 OYO, IW x 20, double merkin burpee x 5 OYO, LBAC x 10 each way, Low deep squat and hold on Q call x 10, Merkins x 15 (IC)

The Thang: POAS (Pearls on a string)

Pearls on a string is one of the first style of workouts that was done when F3 began in Charlotte. It consists of varying exercises spread out across a distance connected by running.

Mosey around track to BBall court and line up on sideline for sideways bearcrawl across court, 10 merkins, and sideway bearcrawl back. rinse and repeat with forward/reverse bearcrawl. Mosey over to the wall for everyones favorite BTTW. YHC only last about 30 seconds and then while calling walking hands out to 45 degrees collapsed and gave up. Continue mosey around track to the benches for 50 dips OYO, finish the lap and out to the parking lot for 50 LBCs OYO, Mosey down Pritchard to corner of bridge for squats IC x 20, Mosey to the corner of Boudary and Bridge for 8 count body builder x 10  OYO, Mosey to Dubois Park for 5 pull-ups and then 6″ for the 6. Jack Webb  (1 Merkin:4 air presses  increasing to 10 merkin:40 air presses). Mosey by water fountain for  those of  us that have only been hydrating with vodka and for Squid who was admittedly wreaking of  IPAs. Double time mosey to nickel pumpers and plank  for  the 6, continue  mosey to  red fish for  squats x 50 OYO with a squat hold for the 6. Complete the lap and back  to the flag for 3 MOM.

Mary: Flutters x 30,  air humpers x 20, single leg air humpers x 10 each leg



Announcements: CSAUP Jan 6th starting at 0830 at #theBuck. Sign up on the pinned Q sheet!

Prayers: Thanks  for  successful surgery for Urkels 2.3


  1. Simpson made his return to  the gloom…
  2. YHC only made it to  8 during Jack  Webb before  having to drop to my knees for the merkins (#soccermomarms)
  3. Hydrating with 3 days of Holiday binge drinking does  not lead to good physical performance
  4. Chumbucket, Dabo, and Joker still leading the pack
  5. Today was a good example that anyone can lead even with no planning. Put some exercises together and add some running. If you have a hard time keeping cadence, just have everyone do them on their own
  6. A new year is upon us. Most people make some attempt at a fitness resolution. Now  is the time to make a change in your life. I have done more things over the past 3 years bc  of this group of men than I ever would have on my own. My challenge to you all whether you post everyday (Urkel), once a quarter (Simpson), or  have been on the fence for a while, is to not make an attempt at a resolution. Make a change. Challenge yourself to complete a goal. Register  for your first 5K, 10K , half marathon, etc… train for it. Push yourself beyond your comfort zone. Many of us have signed up for the P200 in March. This is a great chance to accomplish something you never thought you could with the help of the men around you. Don’t half ass it! When you set a goal, follow through. The sense of accomplishment you get when accomplishing a goal will carry over to your daily lives and lead to the next goal. New Years Resolutions are for gym memberships. F3 is about change. Time to  make a change.

Gambit OUT!

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