Yacht Club Red Barchetta

PAX: Narco, Pesci, Cookies (Respect), Spaghetti-O, Shingles, Go Daddy, JV, Dabo, Bartman (Respect), Chumbucket, Meatgazer, Spalding, Squid, Postal, Hard Hat, Peaches (QIC)

Conditions:  55 and Humid

YHC signed up for this Q a few weeks back to get back to the Yacht club after #Kiawah and to offer a beatdown on his B-day.  Shingles offered some words of encouragement the previous night on FB that helped YHC complete his plan for the warm up.  Lets Go.

Warm Up:

12-Tempo Merkins IC

19-Thru-the-tunnel IC

80-SSH #crowdpleaser

12-19-80 DOB

Lets mosey around Kroger to the main entrance road.


Red Barchetta

Run from Entrance to Flag for 100 Merkins then back to Entrance, Plank or go get Six

Run from Entrance to Last Crosswalk for 75 Mountain Climbers (each leg is 1/2) then back to Entrance, Plank or go get Six

Run from Entrance to Intersection for 50 BBSU then back to Entrance, Plank or go get Six

Run from Entrance to 1st Crosswalk for 25 Burpees then back to Entrance, Plank or go get Six

10 more Burpees OYO.

Mosey back around Kroger to open grass area and line up in grass facing opposite side.  Split into (2) 8 man teams for a Bear Crawl Relay Race (lots of good form).  Team 1 wins!

Mosey back to Flag for Mary


30-Flutter IC

19-Dirty Dogs IC (both sides)

Superman/Spider-Man/Iron man 60 seconds





-CSUP January 6th, sign up on Q-spreadsheet

-Sign up for P-200 Possible Yacht Club team if enough sign up

-Happy Hour inland at the Dispensary Wednesday at 5:00


-Spaghetti-O Father having Bypass Surgery

-Tuesday night is night 8 of Chanukah


-PAX were offered option to plank after each evolution but no on even thought about it, they returned to help their brothers finish.

-Besides the great PAX the Yacht club has a lot to offer.  Great Christmas lights, tree, a lot of options for exercising.  Everyone should Q out there!

-JV looked like a Panther moving across the lawn during the Bear Crawl relay.

-Dabos straight legged bear crawl may inhibit his speed #bendyourkneesman

-Shingles Snuck a F3 ornament on to the Shelter Cove Christmas Tree, I hope no one from the Town of HHI finds out.

-A lot of new guys at the Yacht Club, YHC needs to spend more time out there and get to know them!


Peaches Out!



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