Bricks and Balls

Date: 12/19/17

Conditions: 60 degrees

PAX: Judge Judy, Coach K, Joker, Yoyo Ma, Urkel, Sawed Off, Ray, Bieber, Dave Ramsey, Handy Manny, Mr. Clean, Moped, Madoff, Big Spur, DooDoo, Bilbo Baggins, Soul Glo, Dwight, Soul Finger, Whippoorwill, Scissor Hands, Static, Chomp (QIC)

I am not a professional – workout at your own risk.  Push yourself, push your brother.

Warm Up

20/20 Annie’s – IC

5 pull ups/burpees – oyo


20 IW – IC


20 SSH – IC


20 TTT – IC

mosey to my truck

15/15 BAC – IC


PAX form groups of three and each team grab a cinder block from the truck.

Mosey to the bus loop to begin the fun.

As PAX 1 runs bus loop, PAX 2 side hops over their brick AMRAP while PAX 3 commences and holds BTTW. Rotate positions until Q calls time.

Mosey to tennis courts, second team member carries brick.

Same concept. As PAX 1 bear crawls across tennis courts and mosey back, PAX 2 commences with AMRAP BBSU while PAX 3 uses brick for either AMRAP overhead or bench presses. Rotate positions until Q calls time. Oh, btw, brick CANNOT touch ground without penalty – none dispensed.

Third team member carries brick for mosey back to my truck.

Mosey to pad of pain.


On six.

Alphabet @ 6 inches, ALL CAPS in cadence

20 back scratchers in cadence

Alphabet @ 6 inches, all lower case, in cadence

Still at 6 inches spell your own last name


Announcements:  Second F, Happy Hour @ The Dispensary tomorrow at 5pm (I think!). Cubby may or may not there by noon-ish.

Prayer Requests:

Praise for Jokers’ son’s accomplishments!

Prayer for our community, especially during the Christmas season.

Thanks for all the support! Makes Q’ing a great time. If you’ve not Q’d before, you really should! If you do, however, be prepared to hear grumbles when you break out the bricks, use the term “beat down”, put BTTW in your slate of exercises, or rush through Mary because your abs are on fire. Otherwise this is an exceptional group of men, and an honor to lead – thank you for the opportunity! #isi

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