F4 – Fitness, Fellowship, Faith, and the Force

12-14-17 (hours before the release of Episode 8)

Conditions: Clear and Cold 42 degrees

PAX: Cropduster, Dwight, Yo Yo Ma, Coach K, Big Perm, mr. Clean, Moped, Cream, Big Spur, Bilbo Baggins, Deez Nutz, DooDoo, SoulGlo, Soulfinger, Joker (CoQIC), Urkel (CoQIC)

Warm Up:

  • Imperial Walkers IC x 23
  • Star Jacks x 20
  • Through Beggar’s Canyon (TTT) IC x 15

The Thang:

Mosey to the low wall for Admiral Ackbars.

Admiral Ackbar served for 60 years so in his honor:

  • 60 dips OYO
  • 60 LBC’s
  • 60 Incline Merkins
  • 60 Squats

Mosey the long way back to the pad

Welcome to Degobah

JEDI Training

  • Find a training partner
  • J – Jumping Jacks – 19 four count
  • Yoda Carry your partner across the pad
  • E – Elbow to Knee – 19 counting each pair as 1
  • Switch positions for Yoda Carry back
  • D – Donkey Kicks – 19
  • Original positions for Yoda Carry across the pad
  • I – Imperial Squat Walker – 19 four count
  • Switch positions for Yoda Carry back
  • Rinse and Repeat

Form two squadrons behind Red Leader (Joker) and Gold Leader (Urkel)

Fly (mosey) in formation to the fence at the opposite end of the field

BTTW on the fence (lift your car in the parking lot using the Force)

Down after ~ 60 seconds – Repeat while singing Weird Al’s The Saga Begins

Reform Squadrons and return to the pad

Lunge Walk across the pad like an AT-ST

Bear Crawl back like an AT-AT



  • 30 Backscratchers
  • Superman to time

COR, NOR, Prayer


  • This was originally Whippoorwill’s Q, but he gave it up to Joker for a celebration of Star Wars
  • Planning this was more of a challenge than anticipated
  • Numbers at #theBuck have been strong, but lets keep it moving. Keep pushing, keep EHing
  • It is always a pleasure to lead such a great group of men
  • I have now Co-Qed 3 times, always with a minister, I guess I should do a CoQ with Whip next

Urkel Out!


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