Traveling Bombs down Calhoun hoping to stay warm.


36 degrees, 0-5kts SW, humidity 66%, who cares its COLD


Dabo, Cropduster, Stones, Urkle, Romo, Diapers, Joker, Gaterbait, Coach K, Madoff, Bartman (Respect), Cubby, Chumbucket, Swanson, Paris-QIC


SSH x 25

Arm Circles x 15 stretched to 20 when I lost count forward, and back.


-2 line Indian Run to COC

-Find a spot on the wall and do 50 dips oyo

-Traveling BOMBS (Burpees x5, Overhead Claps x 10, Merkins x 15, BBS x 20, Squats x 25) (10 rounds/intersections in total)

Partner up for support/accountability but to all reps on your own while running down Calhoun stopping at each intersection to perform 1 round of BOMBS. Once you reach HWY 46 plank up or come back and help the six.  Props to Dabo and Chum for coming back to help the six.

Group Mosey to Nickel Pumpers for one final group round of BOMBS. This made for 10 total rounds or 50 Burpees, 100 Overhead Claps, 150 Merkins, 200 big Boys, 250 squats.

Mosey back to the AO for 5 minutes of Mary.




I think I forgot to ask for announcements but no prayer requests were given



-I told myself early on that I would take the Q when I could count to 25 while doing SSH without being winded. I have come to the realization that day will probably never come so I took the Q anyways.  On an extra cold morning I just barely made it through the SSH without losing my breath but I passed it off on the cold.

-Whenever I do something new I always look for learning opportunities along the way. Today was no different and leading a group of men through a workout for the first time presented many of them.  Todays learning was all about the need for clear direction.  It began when I called out 2 line Indian Run from the front of the pack and then took off expecting an Indian Run behind me.  This caused confusion with those in the back that didn’t hear followed by Dabo yelling back Indian Run at which point everyone fell into place.  I almost lost the Q on the 3rd exercise.

-More confusion presented itself with traveling bombs. Joker didn’t understand if it was stacked or full reps.  At the second intersection I became highly concerned when Urkel started to get confused on the number of reps.  I figured if Urkel didn’t get the math it then I was for sure failing.  Stones pretended to get confused which oddly enough made every one fully understand the number of reps.

-Diapers called me out for changing Big Boys to LBS around round 6. I hadn’t posted in a while and the road conditions weren’t ideal for full sit-ups so I yelled out for all to modify if needed.  He then was suddenly ok with that.  I quickly learned the power of the Q!

-I couldn’t remember the name of the first Mary exercise so I described it as a game which someone else pointed out is similar to duck, duck, goose. Stones was upset as we don’t play games, plus he hates Mary and complained through most of it right up to the last second.  I think that means he really likes it and we should do a full 45 minutes of Mary just for him. I am still not 100% on the name though as I heard three or four talk over each other with Guantanamo Kamikaze Goose.  Going with that for now…

-Chumbucket has gone full beast mode. He was consistently in front and doubled back on the last mosey to help the six, aka the Q.

Diapers called himself out for smelly gloves.  He really, really, needs new gloves. During Mary there was a strange odor that could only be described as similar to his name.

-Urkel owned up that he was caught by his wife googling images of Paris Hilton for my ornament. I appreciate Urkels dedication and hours spent researching the perfect pic for the ornament.  I love the creativity of the shovel tree and hope this becomes a tradition next year.

F3 has really meant a lot to me since moving to the low country. When I started last May I couldn’t run the length of the street and I remember the first workout wondering what the hell did I get myself into and how do I get out of it.  I kept showing up and continued to get better with each post.  I’ve been hitting so many milestones along the way including running a half marathon this year which I couldn’t have done without the support, and inspiration of such an amazing group of leaders.  Taking the Q was an honor and I hope everyone left a little sore today.  I showed up for my first workout simply because I was invited and I would challenge everyone to continue to invite others as so many men in our area need this.  I am looking forward to my next opportunity to lead although I will be more diligent in the weather forecast as it was too cold to use my trademarked catch phrase “That’s Hot!”

Paris, OUT!


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