No purple for Paladin, but there is an ornament!


Back on Labor Day Weekend Wofford and Furman met in the South’s Oldest Football Rivalry. Paladin and I had a friendly wager that the person whose team lost would have to wear the winning school’s t-shirt and take the Q at the following workout at #theBuck. Enter the playoffs at the end of the season, and these two schools met again. I asked Paladin about renewing our wager and he agreed. Furman looked good going into the game, winning 7 of its last 8, but Wofford had lost only once prior to playing South Carolina. It started out another back and forth game, but in the second half Wofford started to pull away and swept the Paladins this season. Before the game, we both agreed to a Co-Q and so we switched back and forth through the workout.

Conditions: 56 degrees

PAX: Cropduster, Dave Ramsey, Big Perm, Dabo, Joker, Big Easy (Respect), Coach K, Ballcock, Handy Manny, Madoff, Big Spur, Cream, Nancy Drew, Soulglo, Doodoo, Soulfinger, Scissorhands, Yo Yo Ma, Paladin (CoQIC), Urkel (CoQIC)

Disclaimer (Urkel): No FNG’s you know the drill, don’t get hurt.

Warm-Up (Urkel):

  • SSH IC x 25
  • TTT IC x 15
  • IW IC x 25
  • Windmills IC x 20
  • 5 pull-ups OYO

The Thang (Paladin Starts)

  • Wofford is a school that runs the triple option so there will be some running in this workout!
  • Mosey towards LCC
  • Stop at the edge of the street by the “hill”
  • Clemson is not the only school with a hill, Wofford also has a hill where kids play.
  • Bear Crawl “uphill” to the sidewalk, Crawl Bear back to the street, repeat 7 times (the number of consecutive wins Wofford has over Furman)
  • Wave to Flea as he runs by us
  • Mosey to the end of the LCC parking lot
  • Learn the story of the Wofford mascot (That and much more found here )
  • “Ankle Biter” Bobby Hurleys
    • Seven Bobby Hurleys grabbing your right ankle to start
    • Seven Bobby Hurleys grabbing your left ankle to start
    • Mosey to the opposite end of the parking lot
    • Seven Bobby Hurleys grabbing your right ankle to start
    • Seven Bobby Hurleys grabbing your left ankle to start
    • Mosey to the opposite end of the parking lot
    • Continue until Urkel decides to take over
      • There was great mumble chatter that Urkel should do this quickly
  • Urkel takes over — when you get to the end, either plank for the 6 or continue Bobby Hurleys
  • Strangely when the 6 arrived all PAX had chosen to plank
  • Line up on perpendicular side of parking lot
    • 17’s of squats and merkins
    • 16 squats on this side
    • Mosey to the other side
    • 1 merkin on that side
    • Mosey back
    • 15 – mosey – 2 – mosey
    • 14 – mosey – 3 – mosey
    • Continue to 1 squat and 16 merkins
  • Indian Run back to the pad
    • Yo Yo Ma was in the back and has never done an Indian Run
      • Q’s mistake to not have explained it better
      • Maybe his Daddy should have taught him
      • Wait, they’re both the same person
    • Completed one rotation through by the time we reached the Pad

Mary (Paladin)

  • 20 Bird dogs each side – 40 total
  • 20 Crunchy Frogs

COR, NOR (Urkel)

Announcements (Dabo – hey, he wasn’t a part of the agreement)

  • CSUP Event on Jan 6
  • Pork Butts Super Bowl weekend, we will need more smokers, start working on that
  • P200, start adding a run day now, still looking for a runner + a few alternates

Prayer (Paladin)

  • Joker is taking a group of HS kids to see a 94-year-old WWII veteran
    • Time Magazine will be there for Greatest generation meets Millennial generation


  • Whether your team wins or loses, the gloom is a good place to be!
  • The Q sheet and the Shovel tree are filling up, sign up now to reserve your spot on the tree.
  • It is always a pleasure to lead and working with Paladin only made that better

Urkel Out!


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