Oh Shovel Tree, Oh Shovel Tree

Twas the morning of Thanksgiving and all through the gloom,

PAX were all posting for large meals to make room.

Squid’s Backblast bragged about the Yacht Club’s new tree,

But it certainly lacked the right feel for F3.

Bolton exclaimed we should step up our game;

FloRide called out a brother by name.

Started Urkel’s wheels turning, what should he do.

He needed a concept both common and new.

What could bring cheer to a place known for pain,

And honor the PAX both on clear days and rain.

After a long day of thinking he lay in his bed,

As visions of shovel flags waved in his head.

Eureka, I’ve got it, I know what I’ll do.

I’ll make us a tree that’s a shovel top too.

Hit the sales on Black Friday to gather the parts.

Assemble and paint it for Monday it starts.

Christmas is just twenty-five posts away;

We’ll add one of the PAX for every day.

Let’s start with each Q for he is a HIM

Each morning our tree and ourselves we will trim.

So join me my brothers for your Daily Red Pill,

And see how our tree with our PAX we will fill.


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