Shoulder Shredders were appropriately named!

QIC: Coach K

The PAX: Big Easy (respect), Sawed Off, Chomp, Mr. Clean, Moped, Kiffin, Soul Glow, Doo Doo, Soul Finger, Crop Duster, Coach K

Conditions: Low 50’s

Disclaimer: No new guys.  You know the drill.  Push yourself but don’t hurt yourself.

Warm Up:

SSH x 25 IC

Smurf Jacks x 25 IC

Star Jacks x 25 OYO

Plank Jacks x 25 IC

Crab Jacks x 25 IC

The Thang:

25 V Ups, 10 Shoulder Shredders (SS) (similar to alternating shoulder taps but you tap both shoulders, both hips, both knees and both ankles), 10 Tempo Merkins, 10 SS, 15 Wide Arm Tempo Merkins (YHC forgot to stop at 10), 25 Vups, 10 SS, 10 Left arm front Tempo Merkins (Doo Doo made sure we remembered to stop at 10), 10 SS, 12 Right Arm front Tempo Merkins (added 2 just for fun)


11’s at the front of the school.  Derkins on the wall and dips.  (for sure reason the Derkins were quite challenging)

11’s at Bolton’s favorite spot.  1 SS, bearcrawl to other side, 10 Burpees, mosey back, 2 SS bearcrawl, 9 Burpees, mosey . . . ran out of time.  To be continued.

Mosey to the pad.  Mary does not happen on arm day.

10 Tempo Merkins, 5 Wide arm tempos, 5 left arm front, 5 right arm front, 30 seconds left so let’s do 10 Tempo Merkins.



–Big Easy announced that the people who have been saying if you can do the bootcamp you can do the P200 were lying.  Start training now, it is hard.  The truth comes out.


–Subsequent to Big Easy’s announcement prayers were requested for people signed up for P200.


–Moped is a beast.  He just shows up and silently crushes every workout.

–Sawed Off may have done way more Burpees than everyone else.

–Doo Doo and Soul Glow seem to have a stong dislike for Shoulder Shredders.

–Great job by all men.  That one was tougher than what it seemed like as I was planning it.

Coach K out!




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