Shamed into a Backblast.

Swanson, Peaches, Stones, Urkel, Gambit, Cubby, Dabo, Coach K, Big Easy, Ray, Big Perm, Chomp, Mr. Clean, Chumbucket, Squid, Squealer, Diapers, Joker, Judy

YHC planned a “no glove needed” workout, but did BOMBS instead.  Gloves are stupid anyway. It was perfect weather to gather around the VSF.

IC Unless Stated Otherwise

SSH x 20

TTTx 20

AC x 25


BOMBS 50…250


.3 m jail break

10 MOM

American Hammers x 30

Flutters x 20

50 lbc OYO

Superman x Gambit’s Call

Tempo Merkins x Dabo’s call

Prayers: (1) Updike’s recovery from surgery and (2) Texas Church hit with the mass shooting.

Announcements: Want to run P200? Let YHC know ASAP.  Oyster Roast Saturday @ Rose Hill


  1. Getting back to a bootcamp in the gloom is good for the soul.
  2. Y’all see Urkel kicking tail around the “track”? Killed it.
  3. As Joker’s BOMBS partner, YHC can attest that every exercise was accounted for.
  4. If you are actually counting your squats, you’re doing them wrong.
  5. One PAX, who YHC will not name, thinks jailbreak means conversational pace.
  6. Gambit is the undisclosed PAX referenced in 5.
  7. It feels good to be shamed by someone other than Gambit for once.
  8. YHC agrees with Stones that Mary is pointless, thank you to Gambit and Dabo for helping to fill in the time. 10 MOM is not right.
  9. You could have saved the time reading this BB by just watching here.

Always a pleasure,


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