Merkin Mile and BOMBS

Date: 11/9/17

Conditions: 56 degrees,

PAX: Bilbo Baggins, Joker, Ray, Coach K, Handy Manny, Mr. Clean, Madoff, Big Perm, Cream, Big Spur, Lincoln Logs, Doo Doo, Soul Fingers, Scissor Fingers, Michael Bolton, Crop Duster, Back Draft, Sawed Off, Paladin, Chomp (QIC)

I am not a professional – workout at your own risk.  Push yourself, push your brother.


Warm Up

25 SSH – IC

20 TTT – IC

20 IW – IC

15/15 BAC – IC

50 LBCs – OYO

5 Pull-ups – OYO

Plank in parking lot


Mosey to corner of LCC parking lot

Merkin Mile

Run long loop of parking lot (.25 miles) four times, each loop followed by various merkins.

After lap 1: 25 Merkins

After lap 2: 25 Werkins

After lap 3: 25 Dirkins

After lap 4: 25 Curb Merkins

Pax ran 1 Mile and completed 100 Merkins


Mosey to BHS Bus loop



B: Burpees, O: Overhead Claps, M: Mountain Climbers, B: Big Boy Sit Ups, S: Squats

Partner up.  Pax 1 does first BOMB exercise (Burpees) as Pax 2 runs bus loop. When PAX 1 returns, Pax 2 does first BOMB exercise (Burpees) while partner runs.  When Pax 2 returns, commence second BOMB exercise (Overhead Claps), etc. etc.  AMRAP while partner is running.


Ain’t nobody got time for that!


Announcements:  Second F, Happy Hour, coming up soon; Men’s Wildlife Supper in Beaufort tomorrow.

Prayer Requests: Thanks for praying for my brother, he’s doing very well and making positive life changes.  Doo Doo’s brother struggling with substance abuse issues and going through tough times.  All those affected by the church shooting in Texas.


The Bluffton HS bus loop is much larger in reality than in my mind.  I had envisioned adding a double loop after the first round of B.O.M.B.S.  But, no that was not in the cards, not even close.  We were fortunate to get one full round in.

Terrific work by all.  Crop Duster still posts and works like a champ even with a bum knee.  Great work CD!

This is a great, encouraging group of men and I’m blessed to be part of such an inspiring community.  Let’s keep encouraging and helping each other become better men, better leaders, better fathers, better husbands, better employers and employees and better Men of God.

#isi #runningsix


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