1011 binary = 11

10112 = 11

Date: 10-11-2017

Conditions: Way to warm and humid for October

PAX: Swanson, Ballcock, Scissorhands, Soulfinger, Squealer, Black Lung, Hostilo, Gambit, Porky, Peaches, Dabo, Boomer Sooner, Chumbucket, Spaulding, Madoff, Chomp, Mr. Clean, Dwight, Powderpuff (FNG Daniel Cazenave), Urkel (QIC)

YHC originally picked this Q because of the consecutive increasing numbers and had formed a plan around the idea of steadily increasing numbers. Then it I saw something beautiful and amazing; 1011 in binary is 1 * 8 + 0 * 4 + 1 * 2 + 1 * 1 which is 11, the same as the date. That was way too good to ignore, so a new Q based on the number 11 was born.

Let get to it!

Warm up:

  • SSH IC x 33
  • TTT IC x 11
  • LBAC IC x 11 each way
  • Windmills IC x 22
  • Imperial Walker IC x 22

The Thang:

  • Mosey to the bridge
  • Lunge walk across the bridge (Gambit suggest Bearcrawls, datapoint saved)
  • Mosey to the Church of the Cross
  • 11’s on the Dock
    • 10 merkins at the church, run to dock, 1 BBSU, run back
    • 9 merkins at the church, run to dock, 2 BBSU, run back
    • 8 merkins at the church, run to dock, 3 BBSU, run back
    • 7 merkins at the church, run to dock, 4 BBSU, run back
    • 6 merkins at the church, run to dock, 5 BBSU, run back
    • 5 merkins at the church, run to dock, 6 BBSU, run back
    • 4 merkins at the church, run to dock, 7 BBSU, run back
    • 3 merkins at the church, run to dock, 8 BBSU, run back
    • 2 merkins at the church, run to dock, 9 BBSU, run back
    • 1 merkin at the church, run to dock, 10 BBSU, run back
  • Quick 10 count
  • Mosey to Calhoun and Allen
  • 11 Squats (This was not enough)
  • Mosey to Calhoun and Bridge
  • 11 Lunges each leg
  • Mosey back to the bridge
  • Bearcrawl across the bridge (datapoint recalled, Gambit insists he wasn’t serious)
  • Stay in plank on the other side
  • 11 Plankjacks
  • Mosey almost back to the AO stop on Pritchard St
  • 33 Squats (make up for the too few earlier)
  • Mosey back and circle up

6MOM (I hadn’t gotten it right in a while, we were close on this one)

  • American Hammers IC x 22
  • Flutters IC x 22
  • Dirty Dogs IC x 11 each leg
  • Hello Dolly IC x 11
  • Backscratchers IC x 11



  • Happy Hour Thursday @ 5:00 pm at Captain Woody’s

Prayer Requests:

  • Praise that Chomp’s brother came through surgery well
  • Urkel’s M is having surgery on Friday
  • A wedding that was 17 days away was mentioned several times


  • Dabo and Gambit pushed each other hard on the 11’s
  • Gambit made a comment about the mosey level of this WO; evidently, he has been running a lot recently or something. (Insane tclaps to Gambit for his run on Sunday, and tclaps to all the guys who ran in the misery)
  • Picked up my 3rd FNG when I was Qing. But, the cool part is that the other 2 posted to the WO. Chumbucket and Mr. Clean have both been awesome! I claim no credit at all, but I am still proud of them. Powderpuff has a lot to live up to.
  • Chumbucket consistently goes back to pick up the 6, HIM
  • Just when I think that I am out of number patterns to explore, new ones keep revealing themselves.
  • I can’t say enough what being a part of this group means to me, and must add that the full benefit doesn’t come until you Q. Step up and lead, you will not regret it!
  • Urkel just might go 6 for 6 this week. That would mean a run day which he hasn’t done in 4 weeks now.

Urkel Out!

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