Audible Called

Date: 10/10/17

Conditions: 76 degrees, HUMID

PAX: Erkel, Soul Fingers, Kiffin, Handy Manny, Moped, Coach K,, Whippoorwill, Paris, Romo, Joker, Back-draft, Scissor Hands, Dave Ramsey, Doo Doo, Sawed Off, Paladin, Cubby, Deez Nuts, Bilbo Baggins, Dwight, Black Lung, Big Perm, Mr. Clean, Soul Glo

Thanks to Joker for allowing me to hijack the lead this morning.  In honor of my brother having bypass surgery this afternoon and recognizing my three months since starting F3, I requested the Q.  It didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned, thanks to the football field, and more importantly, the bleachers being locked.  Even so, I think we got a decent workout, albeit not the one I had so meticulously planned on dishing out.

Here’s what ended up happening….

Warm Up

25 SSH

15 TTT

15 IW

12/12 BAC


Mosey to band field (actually to the football field, then back to the band field)

The MAX:  In honor of Mr. Clean’s 44th birthday.

Starting near the fence, preform exercise then run to flag to perform exercises.  Run back to fence, perform exercises, etc. Decrease from 10. (Watch out for fire ants!)

M – Merkins

A – American Hammers

X – X Jacks (Star Jacks)

Mosey to Pad of Pain

Global Warming

Hold Al Gore position and shuffle in circle.  At Q’s call, drop and do called exercise.  Not sure what or how many calls were made – at least a few Bobby Hurley’s, LBCs and burpees.

Bear Square

Divide into groups of four.  One group at each corner.  Pax preform 10 LBCs/BBSs at corners then travel to next corner via Bear Crawls (North/South) and Lunges (East/West).

Completed 1 ½ pad rotations



Gas Pumps

Freddie Mercurys

Nolan Ryans

Bird Dogs

6”/18”/Flutter (and one mostly failed attempt at going to 90 degree then all the way backward)

Announcements:  Runs coming up

Prayer Requests: Dave Ramsey’s associate’s 2 y.o. son with Leukemia; Chomp’s brother having triple bypass this afternoon.

Of all the sweat and work we put in I didn’t imagine the mumblechatter would come about because of a little Mary.  I think I heard someone say something about my soccer experience bringing about this ab workout.  Have you seen my abs?  Neither have I, for years.

Thanks again for enduring another Chomp Q.  Tomorrow will be exactly three months since my first post – my life is better because of it and I appreciate all the support, encouragement, camaraderie and accountability. #SYITG  #6plus2



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