There are a few Spartan-types left.


72 and 5kts N, notably less humidity.


Conroy, Mr. Roboto, Squid-QIC


YHC was a guest Q. Convoy shows up and the conversation goes to college football, youth sports and a local fishing tournament that may make the turnout low. At go time, no one else has shown up so we take off on a mosey up Bay St to the courthouse. Once there, we bust out a set of 11’s on the wall: 1 Dip, 10 Box Jumps then 2 Dips, 9 Box Jumps …continuing on that progression until we finish with 10 Dips, 1 Box Jump. It’s time to mosey back to the AO. As we arrive, we discover Mr. Roboto looking to join the sweat party.

NOTE: YHC does not criticize Mr. Roboto for missing movement and sees no correlation between a Naval career and oversleeping.


YHC had planned a Burpee intense circuit but, after hearing that the previous day’s beat down was very much the same, an audible was called for the sake of variety. The PAX proceeded to the swings.

Firing Line: PAX place feet on a swing for Swerkins… first man does 1 rep, then all down the line perform in succession, 2 reps, same. Continue until all PAX complete the last round of 10 reps. This was a crowd pleaser.

Mosey to the other end of the park. Once there, distances are measured and all PAX complete a basketball-style Suicide.

Move to the Veterans Memorial and choose a palmetto tree. 1 min Wall Sit, 1 min BTTW X 3 rounds.

When asked for suggestions, Mr Roboto had a routine in mind that he shared. In the style of a DORA, each PAX performs:

SSH x 25

LBC x 25

Merkins x 25

Gas Pumpers x 25

Burpees x 10

then mosey to the end of the Riverwalk and back.

3 full rounds (300 reps) were completed by all, mosey back to the flag and we’re done.

Mary: pointless




When I realized that we were going to get through 300 reps on the DORA, it brought to mind the number of Spartans that Leonitas led in battle, against overwhelming numbers of Persian soldiers led by Xerxes. Even though defeated, the Spartans’ willingness to fight is still discussed; stand up and do the hard thing

It’s easy to get excited about #TheAnchor when you see the excitement and passion of our brothers north of the Broad. Great job men!

It’s always an honor to lead

Squid, OUT!



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