Co-Q Suckfest

It’s  been a slack week for PAX picking up the Q at #MOB. Seems #theBuck has been stepping it up while those of us OGs in old town have been on the “wait and see if someone else will do it” train. YHC and Dabo suffered through a charity round of golf yesterday. As the round progressed and we quickly realized our dreams of becoming professional golfers was never going to come to fruition, we decided the best way to take out our disappointment of having to continue with a real world job was to take  it out on the PAX. Our Co-Q was born. With that settled, the libations continued and the golf worsened. Somehow we managed a 3rd place finish.

Below is another episode of “It looks good on paper”

Conditions: Seemed more humid and in the mid 70s


Disclaimer: Neither of us are trained. Workout at your own risk and modify as needed.

Warm-up: (IC) SSH x 25, TTT x 15, Tempo Merkins x 15, Plank Jacks x 25, Mosey the short circle

Gambit: (Didn’t even have to Hijack this one)

Mosey over the to bus loop and partner up for  the Thang:

Stack Workout: (All PAX complete all reps but do so  with your partner to push each other and to help keep count.) Begin with exercise 1 then run a lap, then perform ex 1 and 2 and run a lap, then ex 1, 2, and 3 and run a lap. Continue until you complete all exercises or time runs out.

  1. Burpees x 10
  2. Merkin x 20
  3. Alt shoulder taps x 30 ea arm
  4. Plank Jacks x 40 (sgl count)
  5. Squats x 50
  6. Mt Climbers x 60 (sgl count)
  7. LBC x 70
  8. Air Presses x 80
  9. American Hammers x 90 (sgl  count)
  10. SSH x 100 (sgl count)

2 Min left to mosey back to the flag. no  time for  Mary

Announcements: Sign up for p200. Deadline for price increase is this weekend. We are planning on having 3-4 teams with one team being a compete team and the others complete teams. If you are interested in being on the compete team, please let Judge Judy know. We need to  get teams registered and start organizing. If you are on the fence about doing this, it’s  time to step out off your comfort zone. I promise you won’t  regret it. 2ndF lunch at Jim and Nicks today at 1200.

Prayers: MeatGazer and his wife as they are trying to start a family.


  1. This wo looked better on paper. Total suckfest in real life
  2. No one completed all the exercises. 12 Gauge and Dabo managed to make it through #8 with most everyone else 6 or 7.
  3. 12 gauge obviously thought his shirt was hindering his performance…
  4. Mumblechatter was at a minimum, moaning and heavy breathing not so much.
  5. Squid pushing the pace on the runs today.
  6. This wo will make it’s way back into the lineup to be finished next time

As much as it hurt to do, we were all better after the workout.  Over the past few weeks YHC has been spending more time putting in miles for marathon training which has been affecting my ability to post on the regular. My original plan was to post M and W, but I can’t say I have been extremely consistent with that and that’s my fault. On Tuesdays, some of  us are doing a track workout at Bluffton High around the same time as theBuck is meeting. It’s  great to see all those guys and all the FNGs that are coming out. YHC is a little disappointed I haven’t been able to be there to meet some or all and fill in on some much needed mumblechatter. the fitness part is what gets us out there, the fellowship is what keeps us coming back. As our numbers grow, let’s not forget the fellowship part. Keep reaching out to guys. especially those you haven’t seen in a while. When I’m not there, I expect the same shit I give everyone else.

Anyone seen Stones???

Gambit out!



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