#thePadOfPain Earned It’s Name Today

When: 09/21/17

QIC: Michael Bolton

The PAX: Toothless, Sawed Off, Ray, Mr Clean, Slick Rick(respect), Big Perm, Paladin, Madoff, chomp, Handy Manny, Dave Ramsey, Sir Big Spur, Cream, Bilbo Baggins, Gas Mask, DooDoo, Soul Finger, Leaky, The Seaman, Joffery, Urkel, Coach K, Michael Bolton(QIC)

Conditions: 73 degrees and 100% humidity

YHC is nursing a calf strain (of course) so YHC needed to keep the running minimal to nothing while pushing the PAX, YHC thinks this was accomplished.

I am neither trained nor a professional, workout at your own risk and your own benefit; please modify where needed. You’ll be challenged to push yourself beyond your limits by the man standing next to you, you are encouraged to do the same.

IC (unless otherwise stated)
-SSH x30
-Flutters x30
-TTT x20
-American hammer x30
-Arm circles fwd/rev x15 x16
-Dirty Dogs x15 each leg

No need to mosey, we are already @ #thePadOfPain

5x(4×4)x10 – 6inches until we start again.
– Start in standing position
– burpee into plank
– Merkins x4
– Mountain climbers x4 per leg
– return to standing position in burpee fashion.
– “One” rep is completed when PAX returns to the standing position.
– Complete 5 reps, per minute for 10 minutes.
– hold 6 inches until start of the next round.

– Rinse & Repeat, 10 rounds, 10ish minutes.

– 10 count

The Thang:
– begin on side 1 of #thePadOfPain
– merkins x10
– bear crawl to half point on #thePadOfPain
– v-ups x1
– slow mosey back to side 1
– decrease merkins by 1 and increase v-ups by 1 each round until 1 merkin and 10 v-ups is reached.

– Plank for the 6 or help a brother finish.

Hydrate & 10 count

Small Merkin Pyramid
– down on Q’s “down” and count on the up.
– x15 / x10 / x5 (each round we held 2 reps at the bottom for a 5 count)

– YHC almost didn’t make it through this one.

– Back scratchers x20 IC
– Flutters x20 IC
– superman to close it out.


– 2nd F lunch @ Jim n Nicks Bluffton 12:00
– Buffalo Run 10/09
– USCB run Oct 14th see Chomp.
– Tiger Bass rescheduled 10/28

– The Clarkson’s, a family Paladin knows. Prayers for their little girl and her ailments.
– All those unspoken prayers this morning

– YHC was off his game this morning, must be shaking off the rust, sorry fellas.
– Man, soul finger is gassy. that is all.
– It’s difficult to keep time, have a conversation and count these 4×4 reps all at once.
– There was definitely mumble chatter about the elongated “warmup” 5x(4×4)x10 and being able to complete all reps in 1min. all pax pushed through!
– Joffery impressed this morning, pushing past the difficult points on his 2nd post and making a statement helping the 6 finish.
– Ray is, well, Ray. He’s a machine.
– lots of PAX working together and pushing each other through this morning. That’s what it’s all about in the gloom and in life.
– There were faces that YHC only has seen once before, but I’m glad you all came back.

Michael Bolton Out #BluffonF3Strong #ISI

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