Withdrawals from the ATM

PAX:  Cubby, Joker, Dabo, Peaches, Chumbucket, Ray, Swanson, Boomer Sooner, Meat Gazer, Moped, Mr. Clean, Bilbo Baggins, Chomp, Scissor Hands, Slim Shady, 12 Gauge, Gump, War Eagle, Dwight, Bueller, Squealer (QIC)


21 men braved the midweek blues to jump start their hump day with a healthy sweat fest.  As I inspect roofs for a living and we just had a hurricane, my legs have felt especially spent lately.  I decided to hit it hard with some upper body exercises today.  Let’s get to it.


Conditions:  70 Degrees with the perfect amount of high September humidity


Disclaimer:  Not a trained professional.  Push yourself and the guy next to you.



SSH x 30 – IC

TTT x 20 – IC

IW x 20 – IC

Annie x 15 each direction – IC

Indian Run to Dubois Park


The Thang:

Circle up in the nice soft grass of Dubois Park for ATMs:

Plank position

Alternating Shoulder Taps (4 count) x 15 – IC

Tempo Merkins x 10 – IC

Mountain Climbers (4 count) x 10 – IC

Rinse and repeat for a total of 10 rounds

Mosey back to Flag




1/2 of Captain Thor (1 BBSU/4 American Hammers up to 5/20)




Captain America

Another 1/2 Captain Thor




Announcements/Prayer Requests



There was an awful lot of grumbling from the PAX as we approached the 5th round of the ATMs.  I thought a mutiny might ensue when I said we had 5 more rounds.

Dabo will need to start bringing a small personal fan as he needs to have the wind moving over his face when he works out.  Staying the plank position that long was too much for him.

12 Gauge admitted that while he likes a good upper body workout as much as the next guy, this was a bit challenging.  SUCCESS!


As always, it’s a pleasure to lead you men.  Thanks for all the hard work and letting me be a part of it.


Squealer OUT!

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