Candy is a debutante at #TheYachtClub



Chumbucket, Spaulding, Shingles, JV, Go Daddy (FNG Mike Cerrati, WELCOME!), Squid-QIC

77 degrees, clear, 0-5kts SW

Warm Up:

While taking a slow mosey around the AO, the PAX stopped at interval locations for the following:

SSH x 25 (IC)

TTT x 15 (IC)

IW x 15 (IC)

AC x 15fwd/15rev

The Thang:

There is workout in the CrossFit community known as Cindy; it consists of Pull-Ups x 5, Merkins x 10 and Squats x 15. Cindy is typically an AMRAP for a specified period. Lot’s of F3 workouts are similar to those of CrossFit except, our PAX never take their shirts off and hug and kiss one another. Your YHC wanted to bring Cindy as his date to #TheYachtClub but a) Pull Ups are a challenge and b) we need more running. Luckily, Cindy has a chubby sister named Candy who was the perfect date.

Beginning at the playground, each PAX does Pull-Ups x 5, Merkins x 10 and Squats x 15 then proceed to the sidewalk for a short lap around the circle with the flag, AYG! Another round of Pull-Ups x 5, Merkins x 10 and Squats x 15 then a mosey to the opposite end of the park to the bike racks. Once here, complete Pull-Ups (modified) x 5, Merkins x 10 and Squats x 15 then mosey back to the playground.

Rinse and repeat for 3 full rounds. Upon the last return to the playground, do one more round of Pull-Ups x 5, Merkins x 10 and Squats x 15 (completing 10 rounds of traditional Cindy) then sprint to the flag and plank.

Candy produced Pull-Ups x 50, Merkins x 100, and Squats x 150 plus 2.25 miles (with some sprinting mixed in).


5 MOM:

One PAX counts Flutters x 10 while the others do Leg Lifts; continue around the circle until all PAX have counted out Flutters.

Plank, right arm up…plank, left arm up. DONE!


-Healthy Eating Challenge begins a new round on Oct. 2. Contact Squid if you’re interested.



-JV has wheels but Chumbucket makes him use them. #ISI

-Shingles is pushing through the pain to get better. CAUTION to others: your excuses are not valid here…SHOW UP!

-The only reason that any man is not here is that 1) they don’t know about it or 2) they won’t make themselves turn off the alarm and stand up. Keep EH’ing and we will conquer number one. As for the second problem, don’t be bashful to offer plain talk. Men are either content to be an unsat slug or they’ll do something about it. How can you expect respect if you won’t even turn off the alarm and try to fight the battle? This IS more than a workout.

-The best part of this post is that at one time or another, every man present circled back for the six and offered encouragement. WELL DONE!

It’s always an honor to lead this group.

Squid, OUT!



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