Bleachers ain’t just for spectating



VQ… Big Perm


Mr.,Clean, Chomp, Big Spur, Soul Glow, Deez Nuts, Doo doo, Scissor Hands, Bilbow Baggins, Dwight, Handy Mandy, Soul Finger, Toothless, Crop Duster, Joker, Dabo, Sawed off, Yankem, Ray, Gas Mask, Coach K, Moped, Paladin, Madoff, FNG’s: Dave Ramsey, Cream, Leaky, Backdraft

Warm up:

25 side straddle hop

15 thru the tunnel

15×2 little arm circles

12 alternating toe touches

15 mountain climbers

5 pull ups

1/4 mile mosey to bleachers

The Thang:

Dora with partner:

100 Merkins

200 big boys

300 air squats

400 LBC’s

Alternate Cranking out reps while partner runs to top of bleachers and back.

4 x 50 yard old school wind sprints

Mosey back to pad for:

20 flutter kicks

20 back scratchers


USCB has a run coming up on October 14th. Talk to Chomp or check for more info.

Prayer Request:

Pray for family in Beaufort that lost a 13 month old baby to an accident.


Bleachers runs are no joke. Had several wine that legs are still in perpetual cramping. Learned that running bleachers should probably not proceed old fashion wind sprints, but what the heck most of us survived it(one hamstring did not(sorry about that).

Welcome to the 4 FNG’s!!! Hope to see y’all back!

It is an honor to lead such leaders!!!


John Boyles aka. Big Perm








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