Year 2 Kickoff

I have had this date in mind for a long time now. This is the anniversary of my first workout at #theBuck under the direction of Michael Bolton. I am trying a few experiments for a Q that will be coming up in the future, or not, we will see.

Date: 9/6/2017

PAX: Soulfinger, Bueller, Diapers, Romo, Peaches, Swanson, Paladin, Coach K, Big Easy (RESPECT), Ray, Big Perm, Ballcock, Mr. Clean, Moped, Boomer Sooner, Joker, Gambit, 12 Gauge, Gump, Chumbucket, Urkel (QIC)

Warm Up:

  • SSH IC x 20
  • TTT IC x 10
  • WM IC x 15
  • IW IC  x 20
  • Tempo Merkins IC x 15

The Thang:

  • Mosey to Pritchard St
  • Lt Nad (Lt Dan backward)
  • 10 squats, 40 lunges
  • Mosey to the Corner of Pritchard and Bruin
  • 9 squats, 36 lunges
  • Mosey to Nickel Pumpers
  • 8 squats, 32 lunges
  • 7 squats, 28 lunges
  • Mosey to Calhoun St
  • 6 squats, 24 lunges
  • 5 squats, 20 lunges
  • Mosey to the Promenade
  • Bearcrawl across the grass
  • 4 merkins on the curb (one hand one foot up, one hand one foot down)
  • Sideways crawl across to the other curb
  • 4 merkins on the curb
  • Sideways crawl back to start
  • 4 merkins on the curb
  • Sideways crawl across again
  • 4 merkins on the curb
  • Sideways crawl back to start
  • 4 merkins on the curb
  • 4 squats, 16 lunges
  • 3 squats, 12 lunges
  • 2 squats, 8 lunges
  • 1 squat, 4 lunges
  • Bearcrawl back across the grass
  • 50 calf raises on ground or curb
  • Because we have the time, mosey down Calhoun to Lawrence
  • 50 LBC’s OYO
  • Jailbreak to Boundary
  • Mosey back to the AO (a simple 1.5 miles of moseying)


  • American Hammers x 20 IC
  • Flutters x 25 IC
  • Backscratchers x 30 IC
  • Superman to time

COR, NOR, Announcements, Prayer


  • 12 Gauge is not a fan of leg day or Bear crawls
  • I can’t believe all that has happened to me in the past year. I never would have done a triathlon or run a 5K without this group. Not to mention wake up at 4:35 day after day.
  • Keep EHing those Sad Clowns, this is worth sharing!
  • I encourage anyone who is traveling to check out another AO. I got my idea for the merkins from Amp(Hole) from F3 Anderson.
  • Make sure to show up and support the VQ’s happening this month.

Urkel Out!

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