Post Irma – Bleacher Box Jumps

Workout: 9.12.17

Conditions: 72, %85 Humidity

PAX: Sawed Off, Joker, Ball Cock, Doo Doo, Crop Duster-QIC


20 x SSH IC

20 ea x Arm Circles IC (Forward & Reverse)

20 x TTT IC

10 x Burpees OYO

PAX starts with a mosey over to the football complex and tackle one more warmup

50 x tricep dips at picnic tables

The Thang:

Bleacher BOMBS

The PAX starts at the bottom of the bleachers

B: Box jump to the top of the bleachers

O: @ top of bleachers 50 x Overhead Claps

M: @ bottom 50 x Merkins

Double B:

  • B: Box jump to the top of the bleachers
  • B: @ top 100 x Big Boy sit-ups

S: @ bottom 100 x Squats

Bonus round (Since we’re hungry and doing good on time)  [BLT]

B: Box jump to the top of the bleachers

L: @ top 150 x LBC

T: @ bottom 150 x triceps dips

PAX Then Mosey’s over to the end zone for a 10 x 10 Burpee extravaganza

Starting in the endzone and at every 10 yards, the PAX will knock out 10 x Burpees (100 burpees)

Once completed the PAX moseys over to pull-up bars to tackle 5x pull-ups

As time neared to a close, the PAX mosey’d back to the pad and superman’d for the remainder


-Tiger Bass Race postponed, please keep your eye our for the updated race date


It is always a privilege to get to lead this group. #ISI #SYITG

Crop Duster, OUT!


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