Going for 2

This past weekend marked installment number 91 of Furman vs Wofford, the oldest football rivalry in the South. Our very own Paladin is a Wofford grad and football player at that. My Great-Grandmother was a graduate of Greenville Women’s College which merged with Furman in 1938. My grandfather and his brother played football at Furman. My Dad’s brother and sister are Furman grads. My cousin and his wife are Furman alumni. And most importantly, my daughter is a current student at Furman. While I didn’t go there, there is a strong connection. So I decided to issue a challenge to Paladin. I placed a hold on the date on the Q sheet and offered a simple arrangement. If your team loses, you take the Q wearing a T shirt of the winning team. It was quite a game. The two teams traded the lead throughout the second half. Finally with less than a minute to play Furman scored what could have been the tying touchdown, but they didn’t want a tie, they wanted the win. So, go for two. Make it and you most likely win, miss it and you most likely lose. Gutsy call for a head coach in his very first game, but make it they did not.

Since it was so close, Ballcock proposed a Co-Q and Paladin agreed to help with the warm up as a follow-up to his Q yesterday. He also decided to pass on wearing purple.

Enough rambling, let’s get to it!


Joker, Paris, Scissorhands, Simpson, Michael Bolton, Toothless, Slick Rick (RESPECT), Cropduster, Sawed Off, Yankem, Ray, Paladin, Coach K, Handy Manny, Chomp, Mr. Clean, Valley Girl, Romo, Stones, Urkel (QIC)


You know the drill push yourself, but don’t get hurt

Warm Up

  • SSH IC x 24 (Wofford’s winning score)
  • TTT IC x ? (Paladin led while I put on the shirt)
  • LBAC IC x 16 forward x 15 Backward (31 – number of times Wofford has won the matchup)
  • Box Jumps IC x ? (Paladin led these as well and I was too focused on jumping to count)
  • Mosey the short lap around to Paladin’s truck

The Thang

Partner up and grab a log per pair

  • 1 Partner does overhead presses with the log while the other does 23 squats – flap jack
  • Repeat each set 3 times
  • Plank for the 6
  • 23 points scored by Furman, 6 x 23 = 138 total squats and years since first Furman/Wofford game

Mosey around again and back to logs

  • 1 Partner does curls while the other does 9 burpees – flap jack
  • Repeat each set 5 times
  • Everyone does 1 Burpee together
  • Plank for the 6
  • 91 Burpees total is the number of times the two schools have met on the football field

Mosey across the pad toward the football field

  • Stop by the Men’s bathroom
  • Tempo Merkins IC x 7
  • 7 is the number of ties in the series
  • Mumble Chatter about why couldn’t we do that number with Burpees

Mosey to the bleachers – snake up and down the bleachers and to the football field

Go for 2 – Fun for us, not as fun for Furman

  • One partner is on the 15-yard line facing the end zone
  • Other partner stands between him and the goal line
  • The first partner tries to run into the end zone
  • The second partner tries to two hand touch prior to the end zone
  • If the first partner gets caught he does 2 double merkin burpees
  • If the second partner fails to catch the first he does 2 double merkin burpees
  • Switch
  • Repeat all above from the 10-yard line
  • Repeat all above from the 5-yard line

Ending relay

  • Pax line up in 2 lines facing their partner
  • Each line becomes a relay team
  • One PAX runs end zone to end zone and back
  • Next PAX runs
  • Repeat until all PAX have run
  • Plank if not running

Mosey back to the Pad

1.5 MOM

  • 53 LBC’s OYO (Number of times Furman has won the matchup)



  • Fantasy football for F3 meeting after #theBuck workout today
  • Tiger Bass 5K/15K in two weeks
  • In a stroke of poor planning (or maybe not) YHC has the Q at #MOB tomorrow
  • Mr. Clean with the VQ on Thursday
  • 2nd F Happy Hour Thursday @ 5:00 at Fat Patties

Prayer Requests

  • Prayers for those impacted by Hurricane Harvey
  • Prayers for those in the path of Hurricane Irma


  • If you want Simpson to show up, have a fantasy football meeting!
  • This is the last day of my first year of F3. I don’t think that there are many things that have made as significant of an impact on my life as this has.
  • If you want to make it to the end zone untouched, don’t partner with someone who was a defensive football player.
  • Paladin is crazy fast. He certainly got the right name.
  • When Ray was running, I blinked and he was already back.
  • We are about to enter a season of VQ’s. Show up and support these men!

Urkel Out!

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