Death Star


When: 08/29/17

QIC: Michael Bolton

The PAX: Sawed Off, Yankem, Ray, Coach K, Paladine, Valley Girl, Ricky Bobby, Nancy Drew, Mr Clean, Big Perm, Moped, Chomp, Joker, Urkel, Dwight, Soul finger, Scissor Hands, Toothless, Slick Rick, Crop Duster, Ball Cock, Michael Bolton (QIC)

Conditions: Rainy

I am neither trained nor a professional, workout at your own risk and your own benefit; please modify where needed. You’ll be challenged to push yourself beyond your limits by the man standing next to you, you are encouraged to do the same.

IC (unless otherwise stated)
– SSH x40
– TTT x 20
– arm circles x20 fwd/rev
– Imperial Walkers x20
– Alt.SldrTaps x40

Short mosey to Bleachers and up and down the bleachers to the center of the field

The Thang:
Death Star
– Starting at center of the field run to corner 1 of endzone, merkins x30
– run back to center of the field LBCs x10
– run to next corner of endzone, merkins x30
– run back to center of field, LBCs x10
– Continue merkins and LBCs as above making the following stops:
– 30,50,30,corner of endzone,corner of endzone,30,50,30
– always going back to the center of the field in between.
– 10 rounds – Merkins x300, LBCs x100
– Nancy Drew begged for another round so we obliged
– 11 rounds Merkins x330 LBCs x110

– Line up on one sideline split into 2 teams relays race time
– Across the field and back, good competition and no one blew out a hammy. Good Times

Mosey back to the #PadOfPain


Flutters x35 IC
Backscratchers x20 IC
American Hammers x20 IC
Backscrathers x15 IC
American Hammers x15 IC
Backscrathers x10 IC
American Hammers x10 IC
Backscratchers x5 IC
American Hammers x5 IC
Superman x30sec


– Every one of you is capable of Q’ing, sign up take the reigns you owe it to yourself to push yourself in this way. Take the lead.
– F3 Bluffton has the Q in Beaufort Saturday. Let’s continue to support the New AO
– Fuhrman vs. Wofford (Urkel vs Paladine) determines the Tuesday’s Q. Losing team Q’s in the winning teams T-shirt
– Flood buckets UMCOR.ORG

– Prayers for all those affected by hurricane harvey and those going to aid

It’s always a pleasure to lead you men.

Michael Bolton Out #BluffonF3Strong #ISI

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