It Was A Decent Q, Not Great, But Definitely Decent

When: 08/15/17

QIC: Michael Bolton

The PAX: ScissorHands,CropDuster,BallCock,Yankem,Ray,Big Perm,Handy Manny,Madoff,Slick Rick(respect),Mr. Clean,Joker,Chomp,Gator Bait,Coach K,Soul Finger,Stones, Sawed Off, Michael Bolton (QIC)

Conditions: 75 degrees 100% humidity no wind

YHC arrived early for a little recon to check the bleacher entrance situation. As luck would have it the main gate was open for us. As luck would also have it YHC had a plan B if the gates were not open. Since YHC had so much time to burn before the PAX arrived, YHC stretched and pondered how lucky he was too able to wake each morning and choose to push through the minor morning pains that growing older brings on us all. YHC thought about those that were not so fortunate and had serious health and mobility issues that made it impossible to inflict pain on yourself like we do in the gloom if we choose. YHC decided to go with plan B anyway as a reminder to himself that no matter how bad the pain is, how much muscles burn, how bad those aches make us want to fartsack, we could be worse off, would could not have a choice in it at all. To the handicapped parking lot, we go. Plan B

I am neither trained nor a professional, workout at your own risk and your own benefit; please modify where needed. You’ll be challenged to push yourself beyond your limits by the man standing next to you, you are encouraged to do the same.

IC (unless otherwise stated)

Burpees x10 OYO
Stones and Big Perm arrive late so as not to exclude we do more Burpees x10 OYO
Let’s Mosey…
…we run into Madoff making his way in…don’t want to leave anyone out, more for the PAX Burpees x10

Total: Burpees x30

Continue mosey the entire .75mi parking lot loop stopping at various points for the following warm-ups:
– SSH x30
– Dirty Dogs x15 ea leg
– Arm Circles fwd & back x15
– Imperial Walkers x15
– Alt. Shoulder taps x15
– Mountain Climbers x15
– Air Presses x15

The Thang:

Mosey to the handicap parking Area
– v-ups x1
– spiderman crawl to the other side
– crabcakes x10
– crabwalk back to starting spot
– Plank or help someone complete

– 10 count
– Mosey the long way back to the #PadOfPain
– Jailbreak the final stretch
– circle back for the six

3.5 MOM
American Hammers x25
Flutters x25
Superman until stones decided to participate


– This Saturday Bobcat Run great cause! (FB or Joker or Palmetto Running Co for details)
– This Saturday 2ndF Sandbar get together FB for details)
– Wednesday Aug. 23rd 2ndF lunch 12pm Giuseppis on 46
– Saturday Aug. 26th Beaufort Kickoff (no workout in Bluffton) go to Beaufort
– Beaufort guys coming to MOB this Saturday

– School startup, pray for mom, kids, teachers, administrators
– the ability to be able to get out of bed each morning and have a choice to do what we do in the morning.
– Unspoken prayers.

It was a chippy morning with #mumblechatter as we took our time to mosey and warmup the .75 mile warmup. As we reach the handicap area there were groan and audible keep going and Joker who knew where this would lead. It was good to be back at a place where we work hard because we can and we choose to. As we got going there was less #mumblechatter which is a sign of a good workout or the PAX being bored to death. I pray it was the former. It’s always great to see those that are still fairly new keep pushing and those that are veterans help bring up the six. It’s what it’s about, pushing and lifting each other up. It is always an honor to lead you men. #thanksForTheQTitleBallCock

Michael Bolton Out #BluffonF3Strong #ISI

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