PAX: GatorBait (Q), Cubby, Soulfinger, Peaches, Romo, Paris, Dabo, Buckey, Swanson, Palin, Handy Manny, Bartman, Madoff, Valley Girl, Mr. Clean, Big Perm, Shingles, Dwight, Ch0mp, Scissor hands, Juge Judy, 12 gauge, ball cock, stones, Joker, Urkel

26 PAX attended a humid morning workout at the MOB.  Nice to have Palin again with us visiting from out of town and good to see the FNG for the week ROMO back out there again.

Warm Up

SSH 30

TTT 30 (apparently my cadence is too fast on the 37 and up crowd that can’t touch there toes that fast – much mumble chatter about that)

15 Arm Circle Forward

15 Arm Circle Backward

Mosey around the track


ALARM (A= Arm, L= Leg, A= Abs, R= Respiratory, M= Merkin)

IC 30 Shoulder Press

IC 30 Lunges


IC 30 Plank Jacks

IC 30 Merkins

Take a lap


IC 30 Shoulder Taps

OYO 30 Squat Jumps

IC 30 Peter Parkers

IC 30 MakhtarN’Diayes (Yes Joker I called them the wrong thing, but it is noted for the next time I am the Q we will do what ever is your least favorite excercise the majority of the time)

OYO 30 Ranger Merkins

Take a lap


OyO 30 Patty Cake Merkins

IC 30 each leg thee count pulsating lunges (mumble chatter when I kept going)

IC 30 American Hammers

IC 30 Mountain Climbers

IC 10 Burpees – Judge Judy led

IC 10 Burpees – Buckeye led

IC 10 Burpees – Peaches led


IC 30 Count Flutters

IC 30 Count Right Leg Dirty Dawg

IC 30 Count Left Leg Dirty Dawg



Announcements: Happy Hour Tonight 5:00-7:00 out Old Town Dispensary


  1. Apparently my cadence is to fast for some
  2. If everyone in a circle partners with the person on their left that does not work (noted for next time)
  3. Rumors of Dabo buying all drinks at happy hour?

Come out tonight for happy hour if you can.  We we work out together a lot but the second F of F3 is very important as well for us to grow as a group.

GatorBait Out



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