“I Fell Into A Burning Ring of Fire”

Pax: Mr. Clean, Cropduster, Valley Girl, Madoff, Yankem, Paladin, Chomp, Soulfinger, Slick Rick, Moped, Big Perm, Ballcock, Buckeye, Michael Bolton, Scissor Hands, Soul Finger, Floride, Urkel

Conditions: 70s+Humid and sweaty.

Warm Up: SSH IC x 20, TTT IC x20, Arm Circles Frontwards x 20, Arm Circles Backwards x 20, Mosey to Parking Lot and go Around first circle including buttkicks, high knees, Karaoke, Mosey to truck near front entrance.

The Thang: Welcome to the Ring of Fire!  Pax will split into groups of two (one group has 3).  The circle Has 10 stations.  You will get 1 minute at each station doing the exercise (as many as they can) and then rotate around the circle of fire to the next exercise (All groups rotate at the same time). Go two complete rotations around the Ring of Fire. The Ring includes: 1. Steps 2. Squats 3. Log Bench Press 4. Bobby hurleys/Box Jumps 5. Shuttle Run 6. Lunges 7. Monkey Humpers 8. Merkins 9. Log Curls 10. Big Boys

When finished 2 rounds (should take around 25 Minutes) pax will meet at truck and will then jail break back making sure we are all together at the end.

7 MOM:  On your 6. Crunchy Frogs 15 on your own, Crunchy Frogs 15 on your own, Hello Dolleys IC 20, Hello Dolleys IC 20, Back Scratchers IC 20, Back Scratchers IC 20, Superman, Spider-Man, Iron Man, Superman


Announcements: Beaufort AO starts on August 26th, Buffalo Run, HH Wednesday at 5:00 at Dispensary. Family sandbar day August 19th. Peaches has the details.

Prayer Requests: Confidential but please keep praying for each other!

Moleskin: YHC had fun with this one today.  I knew we were in for it when during the warm ups I had a pool of sweat on the ground. Good times.  I’m a big fan of johnny cash so I thought it would be appropriate for us to listen to some of his tunes while touring the Ring of Fire. Mr Clean accurately pointed out that his music is great but also sad.  I agree and what I love about cash is his music often reflects real life and the importance of never giving up  by just going forward in spite of the obstacles before you.  My hope was that the ROF would push us individually as well as our groups to do our very best.  I was impressed by your intestinal fortitude to keep going.  I also could hear a lot of encouraging words shared to each other.  Good stuff! When I think about f3 that is one of the key elements that I really appreciate about this group.  It is more than a workout because what it does is push us to keep going and to do our very best in taking care of ourselves (no matter what obstacles are in don’t of us) so we can serve God with our very best and then as a result be the best men we can be to our families, friends and communities.  Thank you for pushing me and I look forward to sweating with you again very soon.


Paladin Out!!!!



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