The return of the coupon

YHC has been contemplating bring back coupons to the workouts for a while, but having purchased Blocks multiple times and they seem to disappear  from the AO, I put it  off. No longer! Blocks are back! It adds a little variation to the workouts and gives some more options to vary some of out normal routines. Blocks will be stored at   my house  so hopefully  they  don’t go missing…if any other PAX would like  to use them when they Q, please let me know they are always available.

We have yet to have 30 PAX post to the #MOB since we began. I bought 15 blocks thinking I would  have enough for partner workouts on the chance we can get 30 guys to show up one  morning. Would today be the day? A good  number of  men started rolling in at about 0605, but as we got  closer to start time, it seemed there was an endless stream of cars. Uh oh! Am I gonna need an audible on the first time back with blocks? Nope! 27 total made it out this morning, but still a great turnout with a few regulars MIA. Lets  get to it.

Conditions: Not sure. Seemed humid, but does it really matter? Gonna put in work  either way

Disclaimer: I am not trained, push yourself and modify as needed

Warm-up (IC): SSH x 30, LAC x 20 forward and reverse, Copperhead Squat x 20, Jack Web (1:4 merkin:air press) from 1 -6, mosey 0.3 miles.

The Thang: Partner up (1 group has 3) Partner 1 with me tot he truck  to  grab a coupon while partner 2 planks

Dora (0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3): Partner 1 does stated exercise  while partner 2 runs to opposite side  of field and back then flapjack until  all reps  are completed. Exercises are as follows: burpee with lateral jump over block x 50, derkins w/ feet on block x 100, overhead presses x 150, block curls x 200, squats with block x 250, flutters with block pressed over chest x 300

plank or help the 6 finish

10 Burpees OYO (payment for stones breaking a block)

Partner 2 returns coupon to  truck while Partner 1 does LBCs around the flag

Finish Jack web 7:28 – 10:40 (merkin:OHP)



Announcements: Happy Hour 8/9 5PM Dispensary, Family Sandbar Saturday 8/19 invite a friend (FNG) show  up at oyster  factory park  at 11 to be shuttled out if you don’t  have a boat. See Peaches for details., Bobcat Scorcher 8/19 0800 Hampton Hall see Joker for more details. Guest Q on Saturday is Zima  from the Fort. Dwight has the flag


  1. Blocks change things dramatically and not in a good way
  2. Stones enjoys breaking things. If you are his partner during a block  wo, good chance you won’t  have to finish the whole thing with the block
  3. Finding your partner in the gloom when it seems like everyone is  dressed the same is challenging. Sorry Compost
  4. Joker wasn’t there to complaint about the blocks for 45 min. He was missed
  5. Paladin and Handy Manny smoked the wo. Need heavier blocks…
  6. Everyone took one step closer to getting biceps  like 12 gauge, maybe one day we can all take selfies while fishing
  7. Squid moving this morning on the runs
  8. not sure Ray broke a sweat
  9. Bartman forgot to bring his WS ring to show off this morning

As always men, It was a great to be out there with you this morning. As numbers continue to grow and we consistently get 20+ guys out there, the #mumblechatter seems to lessen. Guys can get lost in the crowd, especially FNGs and guys that are newer to posting. Try to make a point to seek those guys out and welcome them. Partner up with someone you don’t know that well. The first F (Fitness) gets us out of bed, the second F (fellowship) is what keeps us coming. this is a great group of men, and there are many more out there that we know can use this type of fellowship. Reach out to someone. It may take a while to work on them, but think of what F3 has done for you. Even if its just giving you more energy to play with your kids, or run your first 5K ever, or  gain some confidence when being in front of a group of people. Whatever it is, share  it with someone. It could be that one thing that changes their life.

Gambit out!



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