Be There and Be Square!

August 1, 2017

F3Bluffton – #theBuck

PAX: Soulfinger, Scissorhands, Madoff, Whippoorwill, Slick Rick (Respect), Coach K, Grayson, Cropduster, Michael Bolton, Judge Judy, Chomp, Simpson, Ray, Ballcock, Paladin, Dwight, Mr. Clean, Handy Manny, Joker, Stones, FloRide, Urkel (QIC)

Summer has left YHC with a bit of withdrawal in the mathematical department. My time at school tends to be all technology. So, I have been looking for number patterns on which to base my summer time Q’s. Last week the prime numbers jumped out at me, but this week it was the square numbers. This is the 1st, one is a square number, and I am on my 25th post in a row, 25 is a square number.

Conditions: In the Upper 60’s – amazing

Disclaimer: Push yourself, don’t hurt yourself, modify as needed


Warm up:

36 – 62 – SSH IC

25 – 52 – IW IC

16 – 42 – TTT IC

9 – 32 – Burpees OYO

4 – 22 – Pull-Ups

1 – 12 – Lap around the near side of the parking lot


The Thang:

We return to our friend the #PadofPain which also happen to be a Square

Square Partner B.O.M.B.S.

PAX partner up for this exercise. One partner starts on the exercises while the other runs a lap around the #PadofPain. Upon complete the lap, switch and pick up where the first partner left off. As a teacher, one of my biggest “irritants” is when students cut corners when running laps. Anyone whose foot land inside the white line while running their lap must do an immediate burpee.

49 – 72 – Burpees

100 – 102 – Overhead Claps

144 – 122 – Merkins

196 – 142 – BBSU’s

256 – 162 – Squats

Run laps until the 6 is finished or finish the exercises with the 6. Several PAX ran laps for a bit, but all finished together!

Square Crawl

PAX separate into 4 groups in the 4 corners of the #PadofPain

Bear Crawl Clockwise to the next corner – pause

Bear Crawl Clockwise to the next corner – pause

Bear Crawl Clockwise to the next corner – pause

Bear Crawl Clockwise to the next corner



25 – 52 – Flutters IC

25 – 52 – Backscratchers IC





August 9 – 2nd F 5PM – Old Town Dispensary

August 19 – Bobcat Scorcher 5K

August 19 – 2nd F with M’s, 2.0’s, etc on the sandbar

August 23 – 2nd F Noon – Giuseppe’s on 46

August 26 – Beaufort Launch – The Anchor – No workout SOB

Sign-Up to Q in August – If you haven’t done it, do it, you will not regret it!


Prayer Request:

Prayers for Joker’s neighbor who lost his wife and unborn child in a car accident last week.



Joker made a comment on Facebook yesterday to me that, “There’s never been a name given at F3 that’s more appropriate than yours!” That well may be true, but I am somewhat dumbfounded that a group founded on fitness in the early morning gloom not only tolerates, but appreciates and even encourages the nerdiness of a guy like me.

We have something special here with a group of guys who range from a under 5 minute mile to and under 15 minute mile. Everyone gets pushed, no one gets left behind. We need to do our best to spread and share what we have. Locally by EHing those guys we know need this, and helping Beaufort get going. Also, nationally by helping to spread F3 around the country

When I did the Beach Bum Triathlon this past weekend, we had 11 PAX under the flag with F3 shirts. People noticed, people asked questions, maybe some of those guys will join us in the gloom. Keep Pushing That Rock!

Urkel Out!

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