Cut the Deck

YHC grabbed a deck of cards from the house and headed to the AO…Easy deck of death planned so no need to sweat the prep….right?  Got started with Disclaimer then….

Warm up;

30 SSH

15 EW

15 TTT

15 Arm Circles each way

The Thang:

Deck of Death with the following exercises:

Diamonds = Merkins

Spades = Big Boys

Hearts = Mountain Climbers

and Clubs = Squats (thanks Dwight)

Kings…no- ACES, are 10 Burpees

deuces are a lap around the track

Dealt the deck….lots of mumble chatter about shuffling….OH….I maybe should have shuffled…no big deal…lots of mumble chatter about shuffling….whats the big deal?  OH….this is not going to be good!

Lots of Big Boys and Mountain climbers up front,  then came the merkins, burpees and laps all together!

Well…Mistakes make you better.


40 Burpees

88 Squats, Big Boys, Mountain Climbers, Merkins

4 laps (+/-1 mile?)

6 MOM:

Low plank – long ten count x 2

Flutters x 50 (2 sets 25)

Jingle Balls x 25



Announcements; 2 opportunities to post on Tues. and Thurs. Yacht Club and Bluffton High, Sign up to Q.

Prayer Requests;  Riddler for funeral service, Terry Jones healing.

Always a pleasure to lead even imperfectly.  This is our calling and its awesome to be encouraged to serve as our Father in Heaven intended for us to.  Thank you for pushing me!  Diapers out!

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